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  1. Can anyone please post up the relevant R.M. link so as I can enter the reference number to confirm a UK package delivery?
  2. Presume it's your service drain and not a common one?
  3. I Presume there is no shut-off line valve adjacent to the cistern?
  4. Depends how much you believe in the planning regs, if there weren't any the place would end up like a shanty town. Many privately built estates have strict rules on what you can do (usually in the deed covenants) in order to keep some semblance of aesthetic order. Satellite dishes (above a certain size) used to be limited to below the gutter line, although regs might have changed, plus when mounted at height have a habit of being ripped down with the wind! Dropped kerbs- without one, you can't stop people parking in front of your "drive", so they wouldnt even be able to drive out in reverse or otherwise, and the housholder will be liable for fixing damaged pavings. Where there is also a grass verge, this tends to get churned up- nice! The garage I was referring to is, I believe, on property rented from the Council and I would be surprised if they had sanctioned it. On estate houses, it usually is not possible to get permission to erect a strucure in front of the building line (front wall of the house) apart from certain size extensions.
  5. That'll teach me to be presumptuous! Thanks for recommending the museum, I didn't know about it. I did travel with a friend down the A1 to Pride and Clark in London in his Heinkel bubble car, he was part- exing it for an AJS.
  6. A Regal was posh compared to the AC Petite (look that one up!) we bought from Highton St Motors. Mum Dad and myself (sat in the middle on the bench seat) would travel to Marnham Ferry on theTrent in it for some fishing. I would have thought that most of the houses in Lower Walkley weren't really upgradeable (some were court houses) although there were several "modern" semis amongst them that were demolished at the same time. The first area to be demolished was the Kelvin area, upon which the flats were built.
  7. Rockers rule- thanks, I will seek until I find! A friend (lived on Creswick Street) had just bought a new Norton Commando motorcycle, and he had to move onto the new Kelvin with his family. He didn't fancy the prospect of leaving his new bike overnight in the open car park far below his flat so he took it up the service lift each night and parked it in the flat's entrance hall.
  8. I knew the area well, I lived there. The Kelvin flats were built to house ("decant" in housing parlance) many of the residents who were turfed out, although they could name 3 preferred areas in Sheffield in which a council house would be offered, subject to availability. As far as I can remember (although I stand to be corrected) no financial assistance was offered to help pay for the removal.
  9. The Mormons (Church of the Latter Day Saints) might claim that Joseph Smith, who founded the religion, was God's last messenger.
  10. Observe the scooter (headlight on) as it passes through the lights at the junction with Abbey Lane , then freeze the frame just before it goes out of the pic. https://i.imgur.com/r0gqkQU.mp4
  11. You can find out who owns it by paying a small fee to the Land Registry. I would think that they would (try to) chase the owner as for an ordinary debt; perhaps for a large sum they could place a charge on the sale of the property which the owner would have to pay out of the sale proceeds.
  12. Thanks for that hillsbro, I knew the shop was close to the pub. 1971/2 was around the time Lower Walkley was demolished so many of these shops would soon cease trading.
  13. In the late 60s a local lad opened a small shop near to the Masons Arms on Langsett Road. I think it was called Andy's Fishing Tackle.
  14. How does a fire engine access the cycle lane, is it a case of physically moving the bollards, then moving them back again before setting off, and repeat at the other end?
  15. A friend has a 2003 Focus 1.8 tdi which was bought new. Quite a few years ago he fitted an off-the-shelf plug in chip (I believe it was) and the increase in power and economy was impressive. I've drove the car and was just as impressed. That's my only experience of this, perhaps a re-map is something different?
  16. If you (or your private pension company) had invested in Amazon say 10 years ago I presume you would be delighted, but if the shares had gone the other way.....
  17. Around '68 I went in, long time ago and sometimes get confused with Raven.
  18. A friend and I worked at Arthur Bridgens brass founders and regularly popped in the nearby Minerva for a lunchtime drink. Think it was Stones. They sometimes had a band playing, I think that was also at lunchtime.
  19. In the area where I live, there is a satellite dish above the gutter line, drive gates 6ft tall, people driving cars over the pavement with no dropped kerb, and a concrete garage built on the front lawn stretching from the lounge window up to the pavement line, so I wouldn't worry unduly.
  20. Thank you for the offer. I do have the driver installed, but I would have thought that this driver was Win 7 compatible at the S6's introduction? I steered clear of upgrading to Win 10 due to the adverse comments at its launch.
  21. Ok thanks, still no further; I found a "share" option buried away for sharing to various apps which included a "photos" app and I thought it worked but it seemed to have transferred to google photos, whatever that is. On second attempt the photos app didn't appear on list! I'll contact the recipient and tell them to give me an email address to make things simpler! On a general note, I'm surprised that this much vaunted phone has proved so difficult to transfer photos (by lead) to laptop (Win 7). i managed it once a couple of years ago, but had to dowload some obscure software to do it- and that was the last time i was successful. Now I just email them to outlook . And yes, I have set the USB to MTP as recommended. It appears I'm not the only one to have difficulties with this phone.
  22. It gives mark flag reply forward delete Wonder if forward is relevant, I have to reply to a strange looking link (its legit) which is not in my address book, more like a mail address
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