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  1. Read (a good while ago) that an artifact was found somewhere around Rivelin turned out to be a type of metal badge issued to Roman soldiers when they were de-mobilized from the army.
  2. Which reminds me, add mushrooms, too!
  3. The aroma of wild rabbit roasting in the oven whilst being basted with stew gravy could sway even the most ardent vegetarians.
  4. That is (or used to be) common around High Green, also they seem to emphasise the "t" in some words.
  5. There's plenty of info on Google under "drywall bulge/buckle".
  6. Actually (as teenagers) we formed a club; we put out a request through The Star for readers to donate badges and I ended up with the enamel one. Someone craftily purloined it though and I never saw it again.
  7. I'm no expert and can't comment further, but I have seen plaster board "buckle".
  8. Presume it's a solid brick wall and not a stoothing partition? Old houses usually are brick partitions, but with plasterboard mentioned probably a hollow wall. Is other side flat and normal looking?
  9. I had a Gloops badge, AND it was a brass one with blue enamel!
  10. I doubt whether that would happen by the amount of litter I've seen around some school gates. Teachers or at least the adults that pass by to enter the schools either don't care or are oblivious to it.
  11. If I'm conversing with a foreigner whose english is not good, or over the telephone, then I'll modify my accent (and some words) for the sake of clarity.
  12. When I knocked out my internal kitchen wall (2.6m span) I used a 6" x 5" girder, above it is the wall up to the eaves. Below the removed single-brick wall is a 12" girder, fitted when the house was built in 1940. It all survived the house shaking during the earthquake in 2008.
  13. Yes, the forgotton and neglected bit of the car! Not necessary though now.
  14. Bottom it first with ajax or brillo pads.
  15. That's because the take-up reel stopped turning due to belt/idler drive issues. Car tape player maintenance tended to get neglected for obvious reasons until something failed like a belt, also they really needed occasional head/capstan cleaning, best done by removing player from the car.
  16. Is it not true that this estate agent is in business to achieve the best price for their clients which in turn achieves the best comission (profit) for themselves? "The sale took less than two weeks and we were delighted to receive a greater value than the home report. This was down to the way Igloo marketed the property. Craig, Carrie and Lelsey were in constant contact with arranging viewings and viewers feedback." "Our directors and team are very focused on the results we achieve for our customers – whether that’s length of time on the market, best price achieved, customer satisfaction surveys or property performance."
  17. I don't, but it's a different ball game these days with fuel injection and compex electronics, as in cars. Not certain whether there are any specific courses in Sheffield colleges.
  18. I have a friend who lives there, I'm sure you've viewed on Google. One of the smaller local authority estates, a mix of tenanted and owner occupiers including retired policemen, teachers. Not far from the A61 main road which can, particularly at "rush hour" periods, get very congested when going in and out from city center. Getting quite a busy area now as more people own cars, although as a cul-de-sac it will least slow down the speed of traffic. Lots of supermarkets/shops within a half mile radius. Travel a mile and you're on the edge of lovely countryside, a few miles further and you're into the Peak District.
  19. The black economy! Wonder if he donates his spare cash to his fellow homeless.
  20. No worries, thought so, it's just that I was surprised that I might have missed a recorder that was unknown to me! Certain reel to reels are selling for high prices these days.
  21. Marantz reel to reel? Only one ever made I believe, a prototype!
  22. Sorry I missed your post #3 which confirmed you had already cleared the ice behind the cover, as advised in the link. Frost-free units are notoriously difficult to diagnose; some of the components are sealed in the back insulation, also there is usually an electronics component board at the top of the unit. I had similar problems with a Candy F/F and one of the suggestions was to unplug for 24 hrs (very inconvenient) then re-start. This worked for a few weeks, then back to square one, so I scrapped it and swore never to buy a F/free again.
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