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  1. I hear some headlight units are completely sealed and cost hundeds to replace, although the LEDs should be reliable. Newer Golf GTI is one of them?
  2. Flat Earth yachtsmen have their own special charts.😄
  3. As in retep's picturesheffield link, it certainly is the corn exchange, after the fire.
  4. Thanks, I had actually looked at that on my search, but I know now it was the absence of the adjoining buildings that got me confused The original photo was undated, but in the shot was a Mk 1 Standard Vanguard which wasn't in production until 1947/8.
  5. Picture was taken from City Road (around 1947-50), and shows a building in the background with 4 turrets.
  6. To add, when I signed the second user's password into the admin sign-in screen, his icon finally popped up alongside the admins, which is good. Strange though, none of the online instructions I saw mentioned this.
  7. There are several factors governing the speed and amount of water shedding off the tiles- the pitch, the severity of the rain, the distance from eaves to ridge. In your case there is also one point (the outlet) which is concentrating more water to one small area. Are there any more downpipes servicing the stories above that share the water load? https://www.guttersupplies.co.uk/gutter-installation/how-far-into-the-gutter-should-roof-tiles-slates-project/
  8. Good. The Roundline is the standard round drainpiping.
  9. If I remember rightly, standard roundline just clips into the squareline. Best to arrange something even it looks a bit ungainly while you can come up with a neater solution.
  10. Depends on the detail of the pipe termination; is there an angled shoe fitted? if so, the shoe could be swivelled to re-direct the flow, or some kind of grill/baffle might help on the outlet, provided it doesn't cause back-up in the pipe in downpour conditions. Provided of course you can easily access the pipe.
  11. I would, if it had the app on it. It has web store, google play music, google play film, play books, but not google play store. Also when clicking the owner icon in the quick view pane on bottom right, the second user is supposed to appear, but doesn't. It's becoming problematic. I wasn't aware of all the different versions which apparently can't be updated from early to later ones. I think version 87 is the most recent one.
  12. Chromebook is certainly more simple in many ways, but takes a lot of getting used to, devil in the detail. I've been trying to locate the mysterious "Family Link" app for the parental control but been so far unsuccessful. The O.S. version I have is 76 (up-to-date it says) but I read there is a version 86. Update- after much puzzling, I've found that the Family Link is only available on Google Play Store and it appears that my version of Chromebook does not (yet?) support it, unless the O.S. is changed over to the developer channel, something I'm reluctant to go into.
  13. In American films and series shown on TV, the words Caucasion and Gringo are frequently used, not heard of any censoring or warnings given here.
  14. Thanks. From that I think my mother and I would've caught a Stannington bus from Langsett Rd to Malin bridge then caught the 2/3 to just after the "S" bend where our allotment was. Inbound, I think there was a request stop outside the entrance to Glen House (opposite allotments) and we knew when the bus was due as you could see the top of it as it travelled down Manchester Rd from the Bell Hagg; you can't do that now due to the trees.
  15. Looking at hillsboro's listings, it seems I was wrong about the no 2/3 going on Langsett Rd. From Moonshine Lane I guess it went down Herries Rd, then through Owlerton Green to Holme Lane. I presume the Stages are the stops where the fare increases, there must have been many more "request" stops in-between.
  16. True, academic now and leaving signs seals and delivers it, but several of the deals mentioned were not cut and dried, as highlighted by this EU Analysis opinion. https://fullfact.org/europe/explaining-eu-deal-it-legally-binding/?utm_source=content_page&utm_medium=related_conten
  17. I believe the 2/3 (depending direction) in 1950s-early 60s was from Town>Langsett Rd>Malin Bridge> Rivelin Post Office>Crosspool and from there I don't know.
  18. One fact that cannot be denied is that we're avoiding the probability of "Ever Closer Union"- which would be the biggest "Consequence of Remaining".
  19. ok thanks, I'll log in with google account and go from there.
  20. I bought the HP Chromebook 14 and on checking it out seems fine. I can browse internet as a guest, but there's a problem in setting the homepage. Online guides say select settings >appearance and there should be a "Show Home" button to turn on, but there isn't one (as far as I can see). Is this because I have not signed in, or not?
  21. For many years I used to go sea fishing based at Garlieston in SW Scotland. The trawlers in the small harbour there would, if asked, bring in a (large) cardboard box of Manx kippers (I.O.M. is visible from the harbour), cost was £9 back around 1995. As mentioned above, once tasted never forgotten.
  22. Route number 2. In the 50s, the Rivelin Post Office stop seemed like a remote outpost.
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