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  1. OK thanks, I'll be first in queue for a job!
  2. But what would you do if you were gifted an equivalent amount (I know what a lot would do with it!)? In 2002 he nearly went bankrupt, and if he had, I suspect people would read about it and say "too bad Jeff, you took a risk and lost", and faded into history.
  3. Quote "It is now the dominant political ideology permeating the public policies of many governments in developed (and developing) countries" Anna, in your opinion, are there any countries which are not neoliberalistic?
  4. That's precisely the stuff I use, but as there seems to be some controversy on whether petroleum products affect rubber ( I know it's not natural rubber), I avoided mentioning it!
  5. Your probably nearer the mark with 3.5mm diameter UNC thread as the unit is made in USA, although some of their more modern equipment possibly used Japanese parts and screws. Also appears to be a crosspoint head, probably Phillips. The 3mm diameter would have been 40TPI which is too fine to match the photo.
  6. In case any of us can't remember what they look like, here's a pic of one
  7. Squirt plenty of WD40 through the keyholes, also helps to de-frost the locks. Spray or apply silcone polish onto the rubber door seals.
  8. Just depends how far you want to take it. It might be possible run an M3.5 (rather hard to obtain) or even M4 plug tap through the fixed threads so allowing standard screws, but only yourself would know whether this is feasible due to the available depth through the threads and the nature of the equipment. Model suppliers might be an idea although getting the black finish is problematic, but plenty of standard types on ebay. https://modelfixings.co.uk/machine_screws.htm
  9. The patterns in marbles were of endless fascination. Not sure who used to make them. Here's a firm who makes display marbles: https://tuffnellglass.com/contents/en-uk/d29536_Handmade-Marbles-.html
  10. It looks unusual thread for its 3mm size. I have thread gauges, but if you can impress the threads onto some thin card or paper (running a pencil over the threads helps) and make up to one inch, then count the marks, you should get the Threads per Inch, which is a start. Making a guess from the photo and sizes, the metric thread pitch would be about 0.9 and the imperial thread count would be about 30 t.p.i. So far can't find any type that matches. 3mm is about 1/8".
  11. Are there: different sizes, have normal threads (not "tapping screws"), have diameter(s) less than 1/4"?
  12. Also on a very dull and rainy winter's day, count the cars with no lights switched on!
  13. Yes, certainly at the registration stage. I believe that these identity procedures have been tightened up over the past 20 years or so.
  14. Only thing I can say is look for a bargain on ebay for an active subwoofer with controls, then it's just a matter of plug in, adjust and play.
  15. Sensible idea, my Skoda Octavia had a manual winding mechanism in the sun roof if it failed to close.
  16. Depends what kind of sound or fidelity that gamezone wants. The Cyrus amp is a good one so presumably the speakers that are being driven are decent quality. Effectively, the PO would be converting a 1 or 2 way speaker system into a 3-way system; even the makers often get this wrong, although a single sub can save space. It can be more cost effective to replace the existing speakers to ones with an established design that will give deeper and properly blended low frequencies.
  17. They are expensive, good ones. I would check out, online, the proposed types before you buy. At minimum the sub needs an internal crossover to pass the LF and block HF, although you can get separate external crossovers. The Panasonic system probably has both the Xover and LF amp built in to the main amp unit. Have a look at this: https://soundcertified.com/how-to-connect-a-subwoofer-to-an-old-amplifier/
  18. It's the solicitors/conveyancers who have to comply with the money laundering regs. As far as I know if a person is buying/selling and doing the legal work themselves (and without a mortgage), then no proof is required, but in practice very few can. https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/news/conveyancing/conveyancing-process-what-id-does-your-solicitor-need-137#WhatIDSolicitorNeeds
  19. Could that affect insurance premiums? Best to leave car in gear then, don't know about modern automatics.
  20. Good old fashioned driving! Mine was the Ford 100E with 3-speed box and a similar spec. At least your wiper kept its speed constant when the accelerator was depressed!
  21. As said, fine as long as its reliable! Who remembers the foot-operated dip-switch? From Entee's link: "Unfortunately, a lot of today’s electronic park brakes have now been made “idiot-proof,” so you don’t have the option of whether to apply them or not. Once you turn the engine off, even if you haven’t physically pressed the button, the parking brake will be applied automatically. If you don’t want to apply the parking brake it’s tough luck, I’m afraid". So, How do we roll or tow the car with engine off?
  22. Now suppose a famous celebrity came to visit or live next door to you I bet most of you couldn't wait to tell your friends!
  23. Might be that the beam-height mechanism on one headlight is faulty.
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