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  1. Possible that male "street cred" is involved here and tidying the street is viewed as a woman thing.
  2. Dumped in the road yesterday evening, 40 yds from take-away and 20 yds from a bin.
  3. A couple of years ago a storm was forecast for the night and it was blue bin collection the next day, so I passed a thin rope around the handle and looped it over the gate post. When I arrived home later next day, the bin stood there unemptied, except for most of the others in the area- all over the streets, scattering contents far and wide in hedgerows, gardens etc. I contacted Veolia and suggested there might be a problem with blue bins in storm conditions and could they suggest anything to mitigate it. They said "just leave them out as usual and if they blow over, ring us and we'll come and pick it all up". I bet!
  4. Where there's a will, there's a way. The school I attended had many faults but I remember a teacher spotted a piece of litter in the school yard (a bus ticket) and he ordered one of the pupils to pick it up and dispose of it. Yes, one bus ticket in the whole yard. Padder's experience is a good approach, perhaps a competition between schools, with prizes.
  5. Ok then, perhaps include "pride in your neighbourhood theory and practice" should be included in the syllabus. There's plenty within some school grounds apart from that adjacent to the perimeter- yes ultimately it's the Council's job to remedy it but it seems, apart from a few select areas. they've abdicated their responsiblity.
  6. Right after school or on Saturday mornings/afternoons. Please have a look on the roads around some of the schools, a flat-back lorry would be suitable.
  7. 1. Yes, it just might set an example to their pupils. 2. I do, but there's too much for one man, you're welcome to join me if you wish.
  8. The subject of litter pops up regularly on here. which is a good thing. The worst areas seem to be a 250 yd radius around the smaller shopping areas where teenagers (and younger) drop their drinks cans/wrappers on the pavment; it's not street cred to use a litter bin in front of their mates. Once a week I drive along Donetzk Way and often see who I think are Council litter-pickers alongside the tram tracks, which is puzzling as there are no nearby shops and appears to be a litter free area. Contrast that to some of the litter piled up around some schools and I do wonder what on earth the teachers (or whoever is in charge) think. The answer must be they can't be bothered.
  9. If Starmer wins the next election, he will stand at the lectern and declare that "democracy has spoken".
  10. With lorries and buses, the unsprung weight (ie weight of components that are not supported by the suspension) such as the wheels is very high. On our motorways you can see on the inside lane where 44 ton trucks have caused two parallel shaped imprints, except where the road is concrete.
  11. A friend bought a big heavy valve amplifier from a company in Hong kong (although this was about 10 years ago) and it was labelled as a gift! The box had been opened by customs for some unknown reason, however there were no extra fees over the original ebay price.
  12. The stretch of Penistone Rd between Claywheels Lane and Owleron Green is breaking up; the section from Towsure to Malin Bridge appears to have not been re-surfaced, and the junction of Gleadless Rd and Daresbury Rd is bad. These were "on the way" before the recent frost.
  13. Many would generally agree with is broad statement, but if you also advocate progressively higher wages and therefore a higher standard of living, it follows that people will have more money to spend on goods and services, thereby fuelling "consumerism." Quote "Rather unfair competition don't you think, when highstreet shops have to pay rents, rates and all sorts of business taxes when Amazon (for example) doesn't pay it's fair share of tax at all? And gets away with it.... " Amazon still pays rates and probably pays a lease on its warehouses; they chose not to operate from expensive High street premises, similarly Lidl. There is a case for unfair competition due to many shops having to close because of Covid, but as far as tax is concerned I presume they paid the bill demanded by the taxman who will have worked out what is owed, as they would with anyone else. I haven't yet heard of a case where an individual or company has complained to the taxman that they owe more than that demanded.
  14. That's right, if it's all expended on big pay rises it doesn't mean we work any harder or better!
  15. As IAN says it should be expected to last longer than 30 months, at least 5 years without major component failure. If it's a frost-free type then they have electronic components/circuits that control the heating/freezing cycle which can fail. It's not common for the compressor itself to fail. Sometimes ice build-up around the fan can stop the unit working. I only buy the ordinary fridge freezer- more reliable.
  16. Interesting, I turned into Morrisons (heading to town) about 11.30am and didnt notice any queues at all.
  17. For a young schoolkid the chromebook is ideal- it's quick, relatively straightforward once it is set-up and has an element of control by an adult primary-user. The issue with the printer is that it seems the HP Desk Jet 4200 series is not supported for Chromebooks (possibly something to do with PPD files).
  18. Even in that state it's more interesting than the "modern" buildings that's gone up since, like the monolithic Market Hall in the background.
  19. I have a Braun bought in 1985 with the rectangular, domed head. With 2 or 3 days growth it works nearly as well as a wet shave, but when the beard gets longer it's ineffective. Perhaps it's due new blades!
  20. Is it showing that temp when the engine is cold? The sensor is usually fitted behind the front grill lowish down, and if it becomes unclipped it could touch the radiator.
  21. Thanks, no it doesn't have wi-fi, model is a fairly early one though.
  22. Finally got my friend's chromebook (version 76) set up nicely- except when it came to the printer (HP Desk Jet F4280), which runs fine on her windows laptop. It's a USB connection (no Cloud anymore). The printer is recognized and saved in the chromebook, but when the print command is given, "printer error" appears. I've exhausted most of the online advice, including youtube, which is mostly for wireless set-ups. Perhaps re-load the printer software? 1. HP do suggest a "print for Chrome" app from Chrome Web Store but I can't seem to access the app from my Win7 laptop . 2. In "edit printer" dialogue, several "Internet Printing Protocol" choices are given, and finally a choice of USB or "IPP over USB" but these 2 are greyed out. 3. Is the IP address and IPP relevant to a USB connected printer? Note: I'm trying to assist my friend remotely as she lives in Worksop.
  23. True, but there are huge differences in peoples attitude to money and budgeting. Some have £1000/wk (and more) and get into debt, others can live well and even save on £100/week. Obviously there are huge differences in circumstances, too.
  24. That was fascinating, I can pinpoint where our old house used to be. That map also shows the brickworks on Normandale Rd, possibly built to supply the houses being built in the area in the late 1800s. Later maps show the brickworks have disappeared and Stalker Drill works built on the land, Normandale Terrace is re-named Drill Square.
  25. It's good if the M.W. can be raised without increasing inflation or putting some out of business. I worked for a national retail company for 9 years and when I started there were about 50 on the payroll (at my branch), and wnen I left there were barely 30. You see this at supermarkets where the smaller ones run a skeleton staff, and the steady progression to self-service in the larger ones. If say the M.W. is £10/hr, would this be the minimum that anyone doing a relatively unskilled job would be expected to charge as self-employed (?) Consider a pensioner who employs someone for a day to cut the hedges and weed the garden, the expected price would be £80 minimum for 8 hrs and if a firm were employed, the price would be higher with possibly VAT on top.
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