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  1. This is extreme sexism to call them bin men. How about bin ladies, or Refuse Collection Operative?
  2. It would be around that time that a friend of mine, then a well known Sheffield soprano , used to sing at the Dial House, in fact most of the large WMCs in and around Sheffield. Her stage name was Doreen Kaye.
  3. Its not good practice to leave the lid open to any degree as vermin or other animals could enter or be ripped off by the wind. I always position my bin in the most convenient fashion for the collectors. I am old enough to remember when we had steel bins and lids, the binmen had to walk up the back yard, hoist the bin onto their shoulder then carry it to and tip it into the back of the lorry. There wasn't as much rubbish then, it was mostly coke and ashes from open fires. I think all that Tara is trying to say, insofar as she understands the rules (I believe there are some on Veolia's website), is that it seems apparent to her that some measure of discrimination is being applied. Also bear in mind that the bins and their maintainance are funded by the C.Tax payers of Sheffield.
  4. Just like to add that on several occasions I have passed a speed camera located opposite the Wednesday gates just before Charlie Browns, Its a mobile type set up (on a tripod) to catch the cars as they come off the island at Law Brothers.
  5. There is a thread dated 5/4/2003 about the Sheffield Gang Wars. Basically, an Inspector Shilito was brought down from Glasgow and given a free hand to sort these gangs-which he did.
  6. Dont take it to heart denomis-Im sure all will be aware that something serious might have happened and am sure if anyone knows anything they will post.
  7. Appears there was just a sole subaru turbot that is in need of a better tuna.
  8. Then, the word "savage" meant someone who was uneducated and not cultured in the ways of the European.
  9. And once you've withdrawn your money from the machine, your charged (bowling alley) £3.15 for a small bottle of Budweiser!
  10. You are correct in advising on a Group B for Emley Moor, although a wideband is advised for Crosspool because of Channel 5 (analogue).
  11. Normally, if you get a good pic on all 5 channels (analogue stations) then it is possible that you will get good freeview, which is more critical of a clean aerial signal. Look at surrounding aerials to get an idea of which transmitter may be favoured. The later aerials are broadband type which are more suitable. Ring round and you should get a quote over the phone, describe the type of property and the existing installation. I have recommended several people to an aerial rigger whose address is on Colley Road (I think) S5 and is very competative on price and quality.
  12. It is not a fine Malky, private companies cannot issue them, and any so called "penalty" charge (damages) can only be commensurate with any financial loss that the landowner has incurred directly from the overstayed parking.
  13. Its good but you have to be selective-I buy large plain yoghurts 49p, tinned salmon steak 1.19p, cucumbers 49p and so on, but beware produce like broccoli and spring onions as they sometimes keep them too long. They have an excellent non-food range which is updated every week.
  14. My father worked at Joseph Rodgers in the 60s and he used to take me up into the board room where you could view the knife in its glass case. There was also another exhibition knife there but I cannot remember its name.
  15. Ive got a tinful of all sizes metric nuts and bolts, you are welcome to have a look although I live at Wadsley Bridge. Working this w/end though, will be out by 11.15am.
  16. Can you give a detailed description of the bolt, ie, is it a special or standard type? What is its length, thickness, how far along does the thread go? Is it a cap or hexagon head? DIY stores usually keep standard sizes.
  17. Word of warning-burning materials such as plastics will produce toxic, carcogenic smoke and fumes, not very nice on the neighbourhood.
  18. During the 1960s I was a pupil at the Central Technical School (boys only) on Leopold Street, after passing the "12 plus". Throughout all the school, the central yard included, not one toffee wrapper or bus ticket could be seen-really. If you were seen dropping anything in or out of school you were disciplined, it would not be tolerated, nor was bullying or swearing. The headmaster was 6ft 2 and wielded a large cane.
  19. It is obviously a deliberate action, the psychology of which eludes me. Perhaps they are marking their territory, or as a sign of protest, or laying down some kind of challenge to society? Wonder what they'd say if someone flung a half eaten pizza onto their lounge carpet.
  20. I may be right that Poundland, or similar outlets, sells a "Nescafe" with slightly different wording on the label. I once tried it, and it certainly wasn't genuine Nescafe but an inferior alternative.
  21. Inso-far as there is a choice, fine, but (for example) rural villages might only have one pub or cafe so one or the other (person) is going to be excluded. Trying to isolate smoke to one part of a pub is also big problem as the layout of many of our older pubs makes this impractical or hard to accomplish.
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