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  1. There was the " Take Five" on South Road, Walkley, popular with bikers in the mid to late 1960s.
  2. Thats right, I've left the radio on with vol. at minimum which doesnt help, but some components can develop a leak, or corrosion on plug blocks or even frayed cable somewhere on the wiring harness can cause this trouble. Some circuits do cause a constant drain on the battery such as digital clocks, alarms etc. but this drain current is usually very small.
  3. Basically, the battery is only there for starting the engine and acts as a load to stabilise the alternator output at around 12-13v. As soon as the engine is running, the charge light should extinguish and everything is then powered from the alternator, and as long as the charge light remains off then some of the current should be flowing into the battery. Assuming that the battery and alternator have been checked, then current might be draining slowly from the battery whilst the ignition is switched off, this is is something that a good auto electrician should find.
  4. I worked there for a short period sometime '66-68 down in the basement where they rumbled the scissors in pebbles - cyanide was also used in this process. The chap in charge of the rumblers had a strange vocabulary and a very short temper! Poor quality, mass produced scissors I thought, rather like Richardsons, cashing in on the Sheffield name.
  5. Thanks for the correction bullerboy, Worral was on my mind but I thought Deepcar was the easy way out! The rotary engine in the Ro80 didn't seem to catch on -I believe it was mainly due to the seal problems they were having in the single "rotary piston" I wonder if there are any of these cars still on the road. Wasn't N.S.U. took over by Audi?
  6. A friend who was 18 at the time worked Saturday mornings at the showroom and was offerred a sales job but before he could respond he was killed in a motorcycle accident, this would be 1966.
  7. I worked in the car spares department for a brief period about 1967-8. The mechanics used to test customers cars such as the NSU Prinz TT and the rotary engined RO-80 on some high speed stretch of road towards Deepcar!
  8. Is that the same one that had an N.S.U. car agency? Owners were called Walter and Dorothy? The showroom that was at the top end of the row of shops along from the co-op, I believe, was also something to do with them.
  9. Yeh my dad used to be in the home guard up there and he used to man the guns I think my father had some experience there as he was in home guard. I might be wrong but were there also some metal rings (anchors) for barage balloons there?
  10. I'm surprised that no ones mentioned the fortified WW2 anti-aircraft gun emplacement that was somewhere near the top of the ski slope. As a boy in the late fifties, we would cross the footbridge over the railway, climb the hill and play around in the emplacement. The guns were of course removed. There might be someone out there who used to man them!
  11. The Local Authority I work for has ANPR cameras and NO agencies have asked us for access to them. Could or would any local authority be in a position to refuse if they did? Judging by their recent track record on using the terrorism laws to access phone records in the pursuit of relatively minor infringements, I suspect not.
  12. They'll be spy cameras under the guise of "traffic management", every town and city will have them on every route in and out. In addition to your mobile phones and land lines, they'll know where you are all the time, something like 750 agencies will then have access to the data. Big brother isn't coming, he's already here.
  13. A friend of mine, now deceased, was brought up in this area and used to fondly reminisce about a characterful lady pianist who used to play the piano, every day, in one of the aforementioned pubs. I think I am right in saying that her wages were crabs legs (from the local fish shop) which she used to scoff in between her numbers.
  14. I take it that the grassed area is accessible by the general public and presumably belongs to the council, who, through our taxes pay for the maintenance personnel and machinery. Whilst voluntary litter-picking is admirable and to be encouraged, the ultimate responsibility for the maintenance of the area lies directly with the person who is paid to manage the task. Also it seems to be an abuse of machinery to deliberately mow through cans and bottles etc. None of this of course excuses the persons who originally discarded the litter.
  15. More detail needed. I assume the underside of tv is plastic, and 4 short screws are required, they are normally cross-point head designed to screw (tap) into plastic. Or they may be steel threaded bolts that screw into threaded, captive nuts that are held in botttom of tv case? Have a close look at underside of set.
  16. That was led by Ye old vi-King Arthur. Never knew that this area was influenced by the vikings.
  17. If you haven't already bought one, I seem to think I saw a universal type of adaptor (presume it is DC volts) supply in Home Bargains the other day. Also, Maplins or Bardwells should have them.
  18. One thing you wouldn't find at the CTS was litter - not one toffee paper could be found inside or outside, if it was then someone would be ordered to pick it up. Contrast that to now where most school grounds appear knee deep in it. Builders, 60-64.
  19. Some people will always have a fascination for what might lie in the future, and there will always be others that claim to satisfy that need. To demonstate their claims, perhaps some practitioner (who might be reading this thread) could prophesy some (near) future world event in order to prove that the sceptics are wrong?
  20. As far as I have heard, no clairvoyant (or astrologer) on the planet predicted the twin towers attack.
  21. In the vaults at the biggest bank in town when they've forgotten to switch the alarms on.
  22. Do you have your own turntable? I have and a friend has just bought some software (to share) which, when loaded onto my laptop and connected to the t/table will convert the signal for burning onto cd, there are also tools for reducing surface noise etc. If no turntable then there are now available such turntables as recommended by Slimrick and in other local stores.
  23. It was an Ariel Arrow 250cc 2 stroke twin in 1964, handled so well you could take an S bend (theoretically!) with hands off the bars. Its sister, the "Leader" with the screen and legshields was used by the police.
  24. My grandparents lived on Bonville St, I was christened at St.Annes. My father lived on Sudbury St, I remember rabbits and pheasants hung outside the fish shop, or was it a butchers? Also, the smell of vinegar from the processors on the corner!
  25. I thought the same when I saw the first Japanese cars appear in the late 60s; Toyota Corrola and Honda NS500. They've no chance we said, how can they be superior to cars such as Austin 1800s and Ford Cortinas?
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