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  1. Opposite the chapel near the bottom of Channing street was an entry leading to the rear yard of the row of houses and at the top was a large hut where some type of group used to meet and hold seances. My pal Alan Adams used to live in the yard, the hut being known as the "Spookhouse".
  2. Thanks for that PopT, my pal was called Adams so it must have been his mother's father who lived there.
  3. Does anyone remember No. 999 Penistone Road? when I was a boy in the late 50s a school pal used to claim that his grandfather lived there.
  4. Don't we pay something called car tax on new purchases, and what about VAT? Perhaps someone could work out what the figure would be on a £10k car?
  5. jULADO: Now I have a sign on my door telling them not to knock in the first place. My neighbour has a waterproof sign fixed to the wall next to his door pronouncing: NO HAWKERS, SALESMAN, DOUBLE GLAZING etc.
  6. Back in the dim distant past when I worked as a TV engineer in the rental business, I had to suffer the lot-persons, house and their pets all couped up in a small room, some places were unbearable. I remember one place near the Forty Foot on Wordsworth Avenue was so thick in cig smoke I could barely see the old lady at the far end of the room - I could hardly breath so made excuses and bowed out.
  7. Since reading these posts it's become apparent to me why the police don't like tinted car windows!
  8. Then, why spend more money if its "nothing new and already been done?" It's not only the police that might be interested in the data- they'll be the taxman, vatman, Works and Pensions, employers, trading standards and a whole host of other agencies.
  9. It would help if more details were given. Has the original belt snapped or just missing? What do you estimate the length (circumference) to be, and also the width and thickness, could it be a round or square section? How big is the generator, is it easily tranportable?
  10. There are other road users as well as cars- eg bus passengers and cyclists. These road users also have an interest in getting from A to B efficiently so one wonders how the council is going to collect data on these two groups.
  11. I just remember being around there in 60-62, and I don't recollect the rails, but might be wrong.
  12. Just to balance the discussion, I decided to re-post this by "Garrance" on April 4th: Originally Posted by carosio : "They'll be spy cameras under the guise of "traffic management", every town and city will have them on every route in and out. In addition to your mobile phones, they'll know where you are all the time, something like 750 agencies will then have access to the data. Big brother isn't coming, he's already here." Originally Posted by Planner1 "Conspiracy theory drivel." Er no. Almost spot on in fact. The Police are trying to cover the country in these ANPR cameras because they want to record the travel movements of the entire population 24 hours a day and, currently, keep those records for two years. Their plans [Word document] include collecting data from the following sources: Local authority ANPR enabled CCTV systems (for most major cities and towns) Highways Agencies cameras (for major routes) Police cameras (whether from mobile units, covert units or cameras in other strategic locations not covered by other sources). Commercial and retail sites (especially garage forecourts). Other agency cameras (eg DVLA) So they do intend to install a vast spy network, they have installed a large part of it already, and they have stated their intention to include local authority cameras in that network. Whether there are two separate networks in Manchester or one is rather irrelevant to the thrust of the point. It's wrong and it should be stopped.
  13. I believe the old Flower Estate was one of the earliest. Large estates such as Parson Cross, Foxhill etc. were started just before the outbreak of war; if work had progressed beyond the damp proof course then the houses would be completed, if not, work would be halted for the duration.
  14. Your right, they submit their reg numbers to the parking company and consequently are not subject to the restrictions.
  15. I remember a glass fronted box/office up in the air where all these money containers went and returned....But I can't remember what this store was called...can anyone help?. The general grocers at the bottom of Grammar St/Langsett Rd also had this compressed air system, I just can't remember the name of them at this moment, dont think it was the Co-op, or was it Burgins?
  16. I assume you mean the mains plug fuse. There may be a fuse inside which means unplugging and removing cover and checking it, usually a glass fuse so you can see wire inside-although if it is slightly blackened it will mean something else has caused it to blow. Fault appears to be on internal power supply. Search internet sites for "common faults" "problems" on the model number and make. All this type of equipment can be complex, not many repairers will look without charging arm and leg but I can recommend Astroview, Station Road Chapeltown. Give him a ring with details or call in.
  17. Sicey Avenue was named after Sicey Ellis, a resident of Shiregreen before the estates were built. I once worked for his son, Jim Ellis who had a TV shop on Sharrow Vale Road.
  18. What make, model and how old is it? What is the fault?
  19. Tried to tack up the hill on my pushbike with Sturmey Archer 3-speed gears but didn't get more than a few yards mainly due to the uneven cobbles. It might be possible now with low geared mountain bikes. This would be around 1960-2.
  20. Sorry, no, I worked there only for a brief period of about 6 months somewhere between 66-68, didnt like the job!
  21. [QUOTE=lagerlil;4893149]was the bad tempered man called (cant remember his first name) cocker, and his brothers name was harry?[/quote] I can't remember his name, he was a portly, elderly man with, I think, long sideburns. I also remember the lady manager up in the office, who seemed quite nice.
  22. In the 50s my friends and I used to go in there and order a pint pot of sarsparilla (imagining it was a pint of beer) and chew on liquorice roots sticks.
  23. I vividly remember the flying display with Meteors ,Vampires Canberras and the like. Any one else remember these open day displays??????? I remember going in the late fifties, I think there were also Hawker Hunter aircraft doing their fly-past. (only jet aircraft in world to be able to recover from a spin in free-fall)
  24. Not quite the subject of the thread, but I'm sure some will remember the lovely veteran Morris Bullnose (W 62) that ran regularly between Oughtibridge (where I think the owner lived) though Hillsboro' and onto town- I seem to recall that it was still running into the late seventies?
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