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  1. A friend who worked in the sorting office says that the laser scanners can't (or don't) read the pre-decimal stamps.
  2. I've had cold uncooked honeycombe tripe with vinegar many times.
  3. I believe you can still use the ones with 1/2p on, as long as they're in multiples that add up to a whole number.
  4. The pubs can please themselves, I wouldn't pay it even at pre-lockdown prices.
  5. How would one know, or presume when an SSD is nearing "end of life"?
  6. Bear in mind Grace that the post was in 2006.
  7. Yes, previous to them (in that building, St. Mary's Gate) was Kerry's Bicycles
  8. Kilner Way just above the railway bridge. The idea of the post was to jog memories about the stores that had been on the site. Where exactly was the store?
  9. Never knew that. I believe there was also one on the end of Claywheels Lane, just behind Carphone Warehouse.
  10. Your memory is obviously better than mine! So, there would just be Halfords between Comet and the road. In the pic is Solo supermarket and Bridges Electrical, Target (Glynn Webb) on the right just out of shot, and to the left would be Halfords/Comet. I didnt know about this steam hammer: https://picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;y12792&pos=324&action=zoom&id=126791
  11. You could be right, don't know where I got Jupiter from! tontopolass- I think Bridges was next door to Solo/Gateway supermarket?
  12. Glynn Webbs came much later and was up top on LH side.
  13. Looks like my post #23 photo of Cross Hunt St. VE party has expired, so I'm re-posting it.
  14. I'm certain there was a DIY store there in the early/mid 70s, Halfords might have taken over later.
  15. Does anyone remember the DIY store I think was called Jupiter, it was on the right as you entered, Comet being further up on the same side. I think it was still there into the 80s but I can't remember what happened to the building. Glynn Webb came along later and was on the other side where Home Bargains is now.
  16. Most likely you're right, in fact the old ones I think had internal motors with belt drive.
  17. Although it's best to get a new one especially if your oven is getting on in years, this video clip will help you understand what the problem is likely to be. https://www.espares.co.uk/product/es1598860
  18. I asked a friend who's lived all his life there, hasn't heard of it. What time scale, recent or way-back?
  19. That young girl you see in the photos later became a girlfriend of mine! I've sent you a PM.
  20. It wasn't no secret that the ignorant folk of this fair country wanted a bunch of entitled privately-schooled yobs (didn't titled Kier attend a private school?), they openly voted for them. Wiki (assuming it's correct): "Starmer has called for a reform to the EU free movement rules following Brexit and for a "fundamental rethink of immigration rules from start to finish".[45] In his first interview after being appointed to the Shadow Cabinet, Starmer argued that immigration was too high and called for it to be reduced as Britain leaves the EU, despite Corbyn ruling out any cap.[46] Starmer told Politico in April 2016 that negotiations with the EU should start on the understanding that there must be "some change" to freedom of movement rules, given that remaining in the EU single market is no longer a reality.[47] In May 2017, Starmer said that "free movement has to go", but that it was important to retain "free movement of labour", given the importance of immigration for the UK's economy.[48] Starmer was a supporter of a second referendum on Brexit,[49] with this position becoming Labour Party policy in their 2019 General Election manifesto.[50] "
  21. Money Saving Expert and/or PePiPoo fightback forums should be able to help you.
  22. Thanks, that's him, he was a specialist on Manx Nortons ; he was getting on then. I remember going to his engineering workshop with Pete Richards, an Australian m/cycle racer who had a Manx. Pete and his wife bought a house on Lyminster Rd S6 and stayed in the UK a while, he worked as a coach builder at Kennings Coachworks on Penistone Road.
  23. Yes, a friend had a separate recording studio in the same building (1979). It was Britannia Works, Love Street formerly Henry Dixon Ltd. Pics can be found on picturesheffield/.com.
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