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  1. 9 hours ago, Anna B said:

    Actually, leaving people less stressed about money is a big difference, with a lot of knock on effects like mental health and general wellbeing.

    True, but there are huge differences in peoples attitude to money and budgeting. Some have  £1000/wk (and more) and get into debt, others can live well and even save on £100/week.

    Obviously there are huge differences in circumstances, too.

  2. That was fascinating, I can pinpoint where our old house used to be.


    That map also shows the brickworks on Normandale Rd, possibly built to supply the houses being built in the area in the late 1800s. Later maps show the brickworks have disappeared and Stalker Drill works built on the land, Normandale Terrace is re-named Drill Square.

  3. It's good if the M.W. can be raised without increasing inflation or putting some out of business.


    I worked for a national retail company for 9 years and when I started there were about 50 on the payroll (at my branch), and wnen I left there were barely 30. You see this at supermarkets where the smaller ones run a skeleton staff, and the steady progression to self-service in the larger ones.


    If say the M.W. is £10/hr, would this be the minimum that anyone doing a relatively unskilled job would be expected to charge as self-employed (?) Consider a pensioner who employs someone for a day to cut the hedges and weed the garden, the expected price would be £80 minimum for 8 hrs and if a firm were employed, the price would be higher with possibly VAT on top.

  4. Hi hillsbro, you'll know the "Brick Hollow"  on Primrose Hill which was waste ground with a few tin garages on it, we played here as kids. Parkin Street is also there at the top, just 4 houses with a path to the front doors.


    A lot of the residents moved into the newly built Kelvin Flats when demolition came, as you say, between 1969-71.

  5. 41 minutes ago, Mister Gee said:

    Pay the mortgage off and work part time. If I did create something akin to Amazon and become the worlds richest person I’m dammed sure I’d pay my workers a decent bloody wage.

    OK thanks, I'll be first in queue for a job!

  6. 22 minutes ago, Mister Gee said:

    That $300,000 he got from his mum and dad helped don’t forget.

    But what would you do if you were gifted an equivalent amount (I know what a lot would do with it!)?


    In 2002 he nearly went bankrupt, and if he had, I suspect people would read about it and say "too bad Jeff, you took a risk and lost", and faded into history.

  7. Just depends how far you want to take it. It might be possible run an M3.5 (rather hard to obtain) or even M4 plug tap through the fixed threads so allowing standard screws, but only yourself would know whether this is feasible due to the available depth through the threads and the nature of the equipment.


    Model suppliers might be an idea although getting the black finish is problematic, but plenty of standard types on ebay.



  8. It looks unusual thread for its 3mm size. I have thread gauges, but if you can impress the threads onto some thin card or paper (running a pencil over the threads helps) and make up to one inch, then count the marks, you should get the Threads per Inch, which is a start.


    Making a guess from the photo and sizes, the metric thread pitch would be about 0.9 and the imperial thread count would be about 30 t.p.i. So far can't find any type that matches. 3mm is about 1/8".

  9. 7 hours ago, El Cid said:


    Next time when you can spare 5 minutes, just stand at the side of the road when its dark and look at front and rear lights on 20 cars, including number plate lights, you will be surprised how many have a light out or drving with front lights only etc

    Also on a very dull and rainy winter's day, count the cars with no lights switched on!

  10. 26 minutes ago, Resident said:

    My sister has a Golf with an electronic "handbrake". 

    Hers has a manual release tool in the spare wheel well. 


    I suspect other manufacturers have similar systems. 

    Sensible idea, my Skoda Octavia had a manual winding mechanism in the sun roof if it failed to close.

  11. Depends what kind of sound or fidelity that gamezone wants. The Cyrus amp is a good one so presumably the speakers that are being driven are decent quality. Effectively, the PO would be converting a 1 or 2 way speaker system into a 3-way system; even the makers often get this wrong, although a single sub can save space. It can be more cost effective to replace the existing speakers to ones with an established design that will give deeper and properly blended low frequencies.

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