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  1. The other night on Talking Pictures channel there was a film ( Wings of Mystery) which was set mainly in Parkwood Springs. I hadn't seen it before, although some of you might have, but I recognized the area straight away. There are some extensive shots inside English Steel on Brightside Lane.

  2. Be very polite in your messages although would have asked him to confirm the model/type of his cleaner.


    When the part is received back it must be in the same condition as it was sent, then  a refund can be given.


    Generally, if a buyer hints at or threatens to give bad feedback, this can be enough to get the feedback removed by ebay.



  3. 4 hours ago, Magilla said:



    Cypress  does the vast majority of it's business with Turkey, who's populist government is sending the economy down the tubes, so there is an idealogical connection with Brexit ;)



    I think the idealogical postion of Turkey (at least its president) is quite different from UK (they want to join EU as well), and I'm not too convinced about its populist government.



  4. Saw Council litter-pickers working on Wordsworth Avenue other day, they were using leaf blowers to push litter off verges into the gutter where it was collected by those mini-road sweepers. Hope they swept near the school as that's one of the worst areas.

  5. Yes they're all over, gas pipes, water pipes, electicity, telecoms. Not long after Chaucer Road was re-surfaced, the utilities cut two channels from kerb to kerb, one of them (outside the new pub) I have to slow down before passing over it due to the shock through the wheels. I've seen similar though where you can barely tell it's there when driving over.

  6. 8 hours ago, katekate said:

    Theres definately an issue there with the bin men.  They leave lots of rubbish on my road as well that drops from the bins as they are emptying them.  They never pick up after themselves so they are no better than everyone else who drops rubbish.

    A couple of years ago a storm was forecast for the night and it was blue bin collection the next day, so I passed a thin rope around the handle and looped it over the gate post.

    When I arrived home later next day, the bin stood there unemptied, except for most of the others in the area- all over the streets, scattering contents far and wide in hedgerows, gardens etc. I contacted Veolia and suggested there might be a problem with blue bins in storm conditions and could they suggest anything to mitigate it. They said "just leave them out as usual and if they blow over, ring us and we'll come and pick it all up". I bet!

  7. 1 hour ago, Bargepole23 said:

    So which subjects are we devoting less time to? Or perhaps replace after-school sports, which teachers also run, with a bit of litter picking. Or Saturday cross country, which teachers also run, for free, in their own free time.


    You talk as if there is free time in the school day to be filled. There isn't, so you need to choose which subjects we are devoting less time to, list them below please.

    Where there's a will, there's a way. The school I attended had many faults but I remember a teacher spotted a piece of litter in the school yard (a bus ticket) and he ordered one of the pupils to pick it up and dispose of it. Yes, one bus ticket in the whole yard.


    Padder's experience is a good approach, perhaps a competition between schools, with prizes.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Bargepole23 said:

    Teachers typically work 48-50 hours a week, I think thats enough, don't you? Or perhaps they should get a few more hours in litter picking. Is that the attitude?


    Or are you expecting them do a Saturday morning or afternoon for free to pick litter that they haven't dropped?



    Ok then, perhaps include "pride in your neighbourhood theory and practice" should be included in the syllabus.


    There's plenty within some school grounds apart from that adjacent to the perimeter- yes ultimately it's the Council's job to remedy it but it seems, apart from a few select areas. they've abdicated their responsiblity.

  9. 1 hour ago, Bargepole23 said:

    And when do you suggest they do this litter picking?


    Why is there too much for one man? You just need to put the hours in, unless you can't be bothered.

    Right after school or on Saturday mornings/afternoons. Please have a look on the roads around some of the schools, a flat-back lorry would be suitable.

  10. 40 minutes ago, Bargepole23 said:

    Are you suggesting that teachers should be litter picking outside schools? 


    Go and pick it yourself, its as much your responsibility as it theirs.

    1. Yes, it just might set an example to their pupils.


    2. I do, but there's too much for one man, you're welcome to join me if you wish.

  11. The subject of litter pops up regularly on here. which is a good thing. The worst areas seem to be a 250 yd radius around the smaller shopping areas where teenagers (and younger) drop their drinks cans/wrappers on the pavment; it's not street cred to use a litter bin in front of their mates.


    Once a week I drive along Donetzk Way and often see who I think are Council litter-pickers alongside the tram tracks, which is puzzling as there are no nearby shops and appears to be a litter free area. Contrast that to some of the litter piled up around some schools and I do wonder what on earth the teachers (or whoever is in charge) think. The answer must be they can't be bothered.

  12. 1 hour ago, Delbow said:

    I'm not aware that they are offering a different electoral system, is that something they're seriously suggesting?

    If Starmer wins the next election, he will stand at the lectern and declare that "democracy has spoken".

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