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  1. What does everyone think of the fact that a woman and her children were made to walk home after a supertram conductor wouldnt let them on because she was 13p short of the fare?




    There is a policy in place where any travelling customer can be given a ticket to pay the remaining fare at a later date.


    I agree that the woman should have checked she had enough money however the conductor could have been more sypathatic.


    Your views?

  2. I have had 2 people in the last week coming to my door and asking for a monthly donation to different charities (and a dozen or more over the past year).


    There are very persistant and I find them very hard to get rid of!!!


    On the odd occasion that they do start to take down my details (as I have given up trying to get rid of them) they are asking for bank details, phone numbers etc. I obviously dont hand over these details but surely this isnt right???


    They could be anyone............


    Does anyone have the same problems where they live?



  3. I walk up and down Fargate most dinner times (on my lunch hour) and I'm sick to death of people stopping me and asking for money, fill in a survey, join a cult or sign up for a catalogue (amongst quite a few others).


    I dread walking up there now as they are so persistant and I've known them to follow me and shout snidey comments as I walk away. Its like harrassment sometimes!!!




    Rant over!!! LOL!!!


    Just wondered if anyone else felt the same as me???



  4. I have been doing Mystery Shopping for about a year and I have had no regrets. The one I work for pay for assignments and then pay for anything purchased (up to a certain amount). I have loads of freebees :)


    Deffo recommend it



  5. So far as I know, they can ask and you can refuse.


    After one week it seems petty, to be checking up on you. But if you refuse you could generate suspicions. Suspicions they shouldn't act on but if they do it will be difficult to link it to your refusal to allow them to visit.


    Since you only had one days notice and they are coming today it is probably a little late to be calling them back to say you have changed your mind.


    I suggest giving them a call and asking if they can pick you up some shopping on the way. You might as well get some use out of it, and if as they say they are doing it out of courtesy then they should be expecting a few chores. Maybe they could push the hoover around for you as well once they are there?


    I dont really want them coming round and dont see the point in it all. I thought about telling them I didnt want them to come round but as you said, I didnt want 'tongues wagging' and them accusing me of not being ill. I just think its odd as I had 5 weeks off last year and they didnt make the effort to see me, so why now??? I will let everyone know how it goes!!! Thank you for all your comment (some which have given me a giggle) :) xXx

  6. Exactly. And what if you were to tell them youd rather they didnt come around? First thing theyre going to think is you dont want them there because theyll discover youre on the skive. If youre genuinely ill, then I dont see the problem with them coming round at all.


    I'm not saying there is a problem with them coming round, just never known it before. I was off 6 weeks once and never got a 'home visit'. It just seems strange???

  7. I have been off work for a week with a kidney infection (self cert). The infection has not gone away so I went to the doctors to get more tablets and they signed me off for a week.


    I phoned my place of employment to advise them of this and the manager of the centre and my manager is coming to see me tomorrow at home. They say its a courtesy call to see if I'm OK?


    Can managers do this when I have only been off a week?


    Seems a bit suss to me? :huh:

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