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  1. I am still looking for a venue to hold my 30th Birthday Party and I'm not having much luck :(


    I am looking for the Woodseats/Mosborough/Gleadless/Halfway side of the City if possible (I will however consider further away).


    To hold 100 people in October.


    Any ideas would be welcome as I'm running out of time and lots of places are already booked!!! :roll:


    Thank you very much in advance xXx

  2. I am looking for someone who can either give me advice or come and remove something stuck in my washing machine.


    There is something clearly stuck behind the drum (in the back of the washer) as its stopping the drum going round.


    I would have a go at it myself but I'm not sure where to start.........any advice???


    If not, could I have quotes for someone to come and look at it for me???


    Thank you in advance xXx

  3. I have been on this forum for a while now and everyday I get more shocked and disgusted with the rude and sometimes very unsensitive people on here.


    I'm aware that a lot of people do it for a reaction and everyone has a right to express their opinions but I cant believe some people can have such a bad attitude towards other forum members.




    Has anyone else experienced this on here?



  4. I cannot believe some of the comments my thread has caused.


    I honestly felt for 'kezashez' and I know how rude some conductors on the trams/buses are.


    In my job if I was rude to a customer like that, it would be a written warning/misconduct, especially when they have a procedure in place for instances when people are a few pence short. It wasnt as though she was trying to get a freebie ride for crying out loud!!!


    Its nice to see some people who are still willing to help and think this is wrong..........the others..........I suppose we are entitled to our opinions but dont think there is any reason to be downright rude.


    Night all xXx

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