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  1. You clearly have far to much time on your hands 'ASH' I dont work for 'BT' I believe in good customer service if you are a paying customer.....simple as!!!!!!!!
  2. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Chill out mate!!! Dont think compaining will get him sacked!!! Get off your high horse............Its make me laugh though!!! Brightened up my morning that someone can get so hot headed over the OP just asking a simple question!!! Jesus
  3. They have a job to do.....they get paid for it.....safety and pleasentness should always come first when dealing with paying customers. Think about it, we all deal with 'ignorant, selfish' people in most customer facing job, you still have to be professional though!!! The chances are hes didnt have some idiot in his cab, they just think they rule the roads!!!
  4. Dont get me started on hackney cab drivers!!! A lot of the drivers have recently come to this country, dont know the road, drive like maniacs and put their passengers at risk. I got one the other day, he ran a red light at rush hour and took me a very weird and long way home............I stopped him and as he couldnt speak much English just kept saying rude (when I wasnt even raising my voice but did when he told me I was rude)!!! He went on about Sat Nav and I tried to tell him not to rely on that as he would have many more 'rude' and unhappy customers!!! As for where you report it, surely if you phone the council they can help???
  5. Does anyone know what the old BHS near castle market (opposite KFC/Heron Foods) is going to be? There seems to be cash registers if you look through the door....... I'm just being nosy!!! Hehe Thanks xXx
  6. I am looking for someone to fit me with double glazing (glass only, 1 window) after a buglary. I have heard you can get 'laminated glass' which if shattered still has a film over it to make access difficult? Can anyone recommend anyone as I know there are a few cowboys put there!!! Thank you in advance xXx
  7. Top of Raeburn Road before the dip, lovely at night!!! xXx
  8. More little scoates with nothing better to do!!! When is all this crime going to stop!?!?!?!?
  9. I've tried it and its a total waste of money. Dont bother, it still hurts hun xXx
  10. Haha, wouldnt surprise me!!! Gotta love the chavvy scum
  11. Your lucky he changed the £10 to be honest. A lot of them would say they dont have change and not let you on. Count yourself lucky rather than moaning about it........jesus!!!
  12. Yeah, I think the 'Liverpool' kid has gone into business with the little **** that burgled my house. They will get whats coming to them, trust me!!!
  13. As for the identity of the buglars, I know the names of them but not where they live. I have had a few of my male friends doing their research but to no avail Thank god for home insurance but its just the feeling of it happening again thats always in my mind!!! xXx
  14. Thank you for sticking up for me!!! Hehe!!! I have a good job and I have lived at Millhouses and Woodseats until I moved here (only because of the house prices as they were too high at Woodseats and my ex fiance lived nearby). Most of the people are lovely but then you get the little ***** that make an area awful!!! xXx
  15. I have lived at Herdings for about 5 years and until recently, not had any trouble. I got burgled about 3 months ago and they had clearly been watching the house as I was only out for an hour and it got totally ransacked I'm now very nervous and hate the way they have made me feel in my own home Then, a few days later they actually pinched the copper drain pipe from my next door neighbours which flooded their downstairs and then went onto rob the people 5 doors down!!! What makes it worse it the police actually know the names of the pair who are doing it (and have shared that info with me) but they still havent been caught EVEN THOUGH I have seen the little scroats still hanging around the area!!! Just makes me sick, I know Herdings isnt the best area in Sheffield but the lengths some people will go to for an extra few pounds is beyond me. I work full time and struggle to make ends meets and then they come along, rob you of your hard earned possessions and go on with their lives...............what goes around comes around!!! Sorry, just makes me so cross xXx
  16. You havent done anything wrong 'emma' just typical forum users being sarcastic as per usual. It is nice of him and he wont get sacked for leaving his cab to help someone, like above, they sometimes need to get out the cab and its not a strict rule. Its nice to hear of a bus driver being nice rather a grumpy awkward sod!!! xXx
  17. What do people think of the new Sheffield Arena name? A bit 'naff' comes to mind and thats being polite!!! xXx
  18. Hahahaha, god your all so funny. Its does have a name, found out myself 'so there' to you too, so thank you all so very much for your time :/
  19. The link is great, I already have that but it doesnt tell you the name of the function room hence why I asked!?!?!?!? I would ring them but I'm at work and cant make calls so I thought I would see if anyone would be helpful and let me know. Thought it might be too much to ask without someone being sarky!!! LOL!!!
  20. Hi, I really need to know what the name of the function room is at The Fairways at Birley? It has it in big writing above the function room door but I cant remember what its called??? Need the name ASAP as sending off invites for my birthday do. No sarcasm needed, just the name of the room Thank you
  21. Hi, I have a room to rent in the Gleadless area and would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction as to how I advertise? I am willing to have a student or professional. Student would be preferred but how and where do I advertise for students? Thank you in advance
  22. Morning everyone, can anyone tell me where in Sheffield I can get Nomination Charms for my bracelet? Thank you in advance
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