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  1. Hi everyone, over the last few nights I have had my door knocked on and when I have answered they have twice asked for someone who doesn't live in my property and then one saying they were a policeman and could they come in!!!


    Luckily I'm not stupid (well a bit blond at times but not that dumb), so I closed the door and told them to go on there way.....


    Now I have thought about it, I'm thinking this is very weird and hope its not a scam to check people are in the house or not so they can break in.


    I think people should be on their guard!!!


    What do people think/has anyone had the same thing happen?



  2. I have recently been burgled and need a replacement window. I have been advised to get laminated doubled glazing but I need the glass only as the frame is still in tack as they just shattered the window.


    I would be grateful for some free quotes, I have the measurements if needed but I am aware that they usually need to see the window to asess the cost.


    Any help would be appriciated :)


    Thank you

  3. Has anyone been to the City Spa in the Sheffield College? I have booked to have my hair done next week (a colour) and wondered what it was like?


    I am having a level 3 doing my hair...I know they are students but if it goes wrong, will a tutor step in and sort it? :|


    Also, where in the City Spa located in the college?


    Thank you

  4. Nah, I was emphasising the L's in always, like I would if I was speaking to you, but maybe you don't understand that. Or maybe you are trying to be difficult, for some reason only known to yourself.


    Why oh why, no matter what the thread is about, is there always one person that chips in with some smarmy, silly remark that helps no-one, just to start something. I mean come on.


    Anyway back to the original point, she will know in 10 days or so if it has been sorted, in the meantime everyone be extra careful when using cash machines, as I have heard about these skimming scams before.


    As I said, she used a cash machine on the top end of London Rd before, not saying it's that but it could be..


    Yep, theres always one!!! Think everyone of my posts has some sarcastic saddo commenting on something that has nothing to do with the post. Better to ignore them, annoys them more!!!


    As for the money going missing, it happened to a friend of mine and she got a refund after about 3 months of investigation xXx

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