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  1. Evening everyone


    Just want everyone to be on their guard in the Gleadless Valley area (esp Morland Estate and Raeburn Road) as the little scroates are at it again!!! I got burglared a couple of years ago in this area and they seem to be at it again...always the same time of year in the same area...


    They were on the rampage last Tuesday so just be careful and report any suspicious youth that are around.


    They are gaining access though windows and doors by breaking the glass or forcing them open.


    Please be on you guard as I'd hate anyone to go through what I did xXx

  2. This time last year I got burglared and I'm in the Herdings area. If its the same scroats that did mine they choose a different area every year around this time (noramlly round the S14,S12 and S8 area). Police know the names of them (as do I) but cant catch them!!! Get these 2 little ***** in prison to save Sheffield a lot of heartache and distress!!! Total scum!!!

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