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  1. Myself and my family was looking forward to this "Farmers Market" and when we got there we paid for parking and when we got inside for the stalls it was awful it smelt and we had to walk through people having a pint in the bar. Outside was the fish lady and a guy selling plants. Inside the stalls were all cramped together and were not very farmers markety........... all that was there was a cupcake stand, an american sweet stand, a very good potted meat stall, a baker, a plant stall and 1 fruit and veg stall. There was also a couple of raffle stalls and a token farm stall which was selling sheep items such as keyrings etc. We walked round and looked at all the stalls and was gone in 10 mins if that! It was such a let down and I am sure that a lot of other people thought so too. The free parking wasn't sign posted either - shan't be going again. sorry


    The organiser is looking for stall holders not someone giving their personal opinion and negative feedback.


    It is very difficult to organise events and these types of feedback I feel are very unwelcome.

  2. The same things are happening at Gleadless and Herdings again. Funny how when these scroats get released everything starts up again!!! They are getting in by smashing the glass panels on doors and then letting themselves in if the keys are in the lock on the otherside. Just beware and take your keys out. They will always find a way, they in through my back window by smashing it. They need their heads smashing together if you ask me!!!

  3. I have a good idea who it is but it proving it and getting the police to do something...instead of wasting time like they did mine a few weeks ago by being obnoxious idiots with me when my friend was a little sick in a taxi (and i mean a little, the size of a 10p piece)!!! Police need to spend more on proper crime and finding the culprits!!! Rant over...lol xXx

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