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  1. Thank you xXx ---------- Post added 17-07-2013 at 09:04 ---------- Those are just for housebound people but thanks anyway...
  2. I am looking for a chiropodist that does home visits but NOT just for house bound people. If not, recommendations for ones in city centre or in the S14/S12 area? Thanks
  3. What exactly do you need? Just something certifying by one of the above?
  4. Never had an issue, you should have complained to make them aware xXx
  5. Thank you I sell childrens and adult gifts and jewellery xXx
  6. Hi, please could anyone recommend any events, festivals or places that I can sell my unique jewellery and gifts? I am doing some events over the summer but would like more long term? Thank you, any suggestions would be great xXx
  7. Hi I have recently started my own jewellery and gift business and I am struggling to find jewellery wholesalers/discounted/discontinued stores in Sheffield/South Yorkshire. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! Many thanks xXx
  8. I'm already booked on those Looking forward to them xXx
  9. I am looking for events/festivals where I can have a pitch for my stall. I sell unusual jewellery and gifts. Please quote prices and dates. Please help!!! Thanks xXx
  10. The organiser is looking for stall holders not someone giving their personal opinion and negative feedback. It is very difficult to organise events and these types of feedback I feel are very unwelcome.
  11. Please could you provide details??? How much? Where? Whats the fundraising for? Thanks
  12. I am looking for recommended and cheap mini skip hire (smallest one they do as its just for garden rubbish). Dont want to go with a 'man with a van' as not had great experiences with them. Dont want to pay over £50 if I can help it... Thanks
  13. Im in the S8/S14 area...Think the Shoreham Street shop might be my best bet but have had a couple of PM's Thanks for the suggestions!
  14. Thank you everyone, I'd try and do it myself but I know I'd muck it up!!! LOL!!! Its nearly 3 years old, I had it replaced last year and it cost me £70 but that place has closed down now (was on Woodseats)
  15. Hi My laptop screen has smashed (not even sure how) so it needs replacing... Please can I have some recommendations/approx quotes for someone to fit me a new screen. Or...how easy is it to fix myself if I buy a new screen? Its a Packard Bell easynote I think (can check when I get home). Thank you
  16. I am having trouble with damp in a few of my rooms and would like someone to come and have a look at it for me? No idea of how much thing costs but would appriciate a few quotes? Always come on here as would prefer to use someone whos recommended Regards
  17. The same things are happening at Gleadless and Herdings again. Funny how when these scroats get released everything starts up again!!! They are getting in by smashing the glass panels on doors and then letting themselves in if the keys are in the lock on the otherside. Just beware and take your keys out. They will always find a way, they in through my back window by smashing it. They need their heads smashing together if you ask me!!!
  18. Thank you everyone, you have all been great!!! I havent got a clue how to go it myself and if it means taking the door off then I'm a petite lass so wouldnt manage. I would be greatful for a few quotes so I inbox members who have been good enough to say they will come out to have a look. Thank you again
  19. Hi I am having trouble with 2 out of 3 doors locking. They are all UPVC with (I think) a 5 way locking system. It seems as though on one, the lock wont turn and the other one of the locks keeps getting stuck. Can anyone recommend a 'lock expert' or could I have some quotes? I am in th Gleadless area of Sheffield. Regards
  20. Hi can anyone point me in the right direction as how to get to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park by bus/train? I'm in Sheffield so need directions from there? Thank you in advance
  21. I have a good idea who it is but it proving it and getting the police to do something...instead of wasting time like they did mine a few weeks ago by being obnoxious idiots with me when my friend was a little sick in a taxi (and i mean a little, the size of a 10p piece)!!! Police need to spend more on proper crime and finding the culprits!!! Rant over...lol xXx
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