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  1. Mod note


    For quotes, and for seeking tradesmen to carry out the work, please raise an advertisement in the appropriate section, "Jobs", as advertising and quotes are not permitted in this section

    Thank you

  2. I am looking for stall holders to have a stall at the Fashion Show and Sale Event being held on Tuesday 17th June at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel at Norton, Sheffield. Stalls are £15 with a donation of a raffle prize. We have held this event before and its been a fantastic success. Stalls are very limited so this will be on first come first served basis. Due to their being a fashion show, I cannot have stalls that sell clothes, shoes or handbags. Please contact me if your interested and for further details xXx

  3. I don't think that's true. I always use Network because I think (from my experience inside and outside their cars) their drivers are more considerate than average. (I have no connection with the company.)


    Network are the WORST!!! One driver once had road rage whilst I was in the car and blocked a road sideways so another car couldnt get past. Scary, delayed my journey and totally uncalled for!!!


    Never used them again, terrible drivers!!!

  4. Yes you can...are you a bus driver??? If so, no wonder we are all confused!!!


    I now know you CAN use a first sheffield weekly on 120 and 52 as they are optio routes, see below -


    'First and Stagecoach Sheffield Day and Week bus-only tickets are accepted on either operators’ Optio Orange and Optio Red services'


    Soooooooooooooo YES WE CAN!!! LOL!!!


    Thank you so much for everyones 'correct' advice xXx


    ---------- Post added 27-09-2013 at 15:48 ----------


    Thank you!!! xXx


    Hi rockchick.


    Firstday sheffield and firstweek sheffield tickets ARE ACCEPTED for travel on stagecoach services 52 and 120 and stagecoach dayrider and megarider bus only tickets ARE ACCEPTED for travel on first sheffield services 52 and 120 and of course you can also use optio red tickets on service 52 and optio orange tickets on service 120.


    Hope that clears your confusion up.


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    Just providing this link as back up for my post as there still seems to be people who don't realise that you can use standard tickets on these services.:D

  5. Who told you this?


    ---------- Post added 17-07-2013 at 09:13 ----------


    And as I typed the above the lady in work next to me is on the phone to her bloke and is talking about "needing lifting gear to sort that out". So looks like something may have happened.


    A work mate cant get into work due to this and I was wondering what had happened?


    Doesnt sound like anyone has been hurt xXx

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