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  1. Well done to Becky usher you did Awsome girl you won that fight was close but you took but a draw is better than a loss you landed some great punches and kicks proud of ya and be proud of yourself you fought like a warrior


    Yousif man you are by far the best pound 4 pound fighter iv seen at your age man you get better and better every time I see you your speed is unreal mate keep up the good work future world champ proud of you also you classy lad ha


    Just want tosay Michael gabitas what sportsman ship you showed today that was brilliant you keep this up too and your gonna be a champ too well done mate

  2. we (afk kickboxing) had a greatday in bolton today takin part in a intrclub becky did really well landing some realy good hands and all so leg kicks only her 2nd inter club so well done u did very well. and all so the oldest member of the gang alan willis lol sorry mate 4 the old lol but anyways all so did brill landing some mint kicks to the legs and head and looking very sharp so well done people i did ok but these guys were top stuff lol also thanks to the our followers u know who u all are:hihi::hihi::headbang::banana::clap::wave:

  3. who as the title at the mom is it christian? kingsd lynn? no ofense but i aint going there is too far


    no shaun lomas has it,lol mate i dont blame u if i wasnt fighting i wudnt go down there just want sum experience win or lose itl be fun,:banana: thanks for ya support anyways mate

  4. near enough pal but theres no knees i wanted to figth for the k1 title but its taken and the guy is just too experienced for me to fight at the moment,i got to crowl before i walk pal still only a novice in this game,and that tournement is full contact above waist rules just need the experience now mate owt will do lol im not too keen on them rules but when theres a belt and £200 at steak then il av a pop lol have we met b4 tomyamgoong?oye and its in kings lynn down south

  5. hi tomyamgoong ye im fighting mate fighting for the vacant northen area title at 78kg looking forward. and its low kick kickboxing the same title as robin fought for just at different weight,and im fighting in two week in a 8man tournement should be fun

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