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  1. 830pm tonight. Just turn up and say hello!!!


    I'm the slightly tanned guy with the shiny bald head

    The bearded crusader is taking the class.

    He's got the patience of a saint I swear :)


    He's more white to be honest and extremely bold.lol seriously tho best gym I can be involved in super friendly helpful litrely I will not be left alone to do it on your own . this gym as been part of my life since 2007 there like my family.u won't regret goin coach Ali is a good friend

    to me and my family

  2. Hi im currently trainin on my own at the gym doing calisthenics.really love it not a fan of weights lifting.i find body weight trainin much more challenging.anyway does anyone know were there are classes for calisthenics i want to take it a bit further as in on the bars n tricks.i use youtube but so much better if get shown in person

  3. Hi everyone this is a message to anyone wanting private kickboxing lessons.My name is Anthony stuchbury and Iv been trained under farhad Ali afk, if it's fitness you want to compete or just learn a new skill.kickboxing is an amazing sport and discipline. I started 7 years ago and have competed in many competitions, I'm currently northern area and English champion , I have trained fighters and helped develop beginners in to good fighers and also people who just want to lose weight and get fit, i you like more information mail me or call or text on 07557764742 £20 an hour or 2 people for £30 an hour competitive price can book in block hours and save money, Knox boxing gym is were I teach

  4. Are you talking about Binsted Council flats or Binsted housing estate?


    I have relatives on both and both are happy on there with no problems.


    Binsted grove on the top half half can be a problem with parking spaces as cars only park on one side of the road and getting off the estate in the snow can be awkward but the Council has put an extra grit bin on the Grove which has made it easier this year.


    Also on the Grove and Avenue some living room windows are on street level not giving much privacy on one side of the road from people walking past. All in all though a much sought after estate with no through road so no heavy traffic, less crime and quite a few cul-de-sacs, great for kids safety.


    Thanks for the positive reply just wanted to make sure I'm making the right move moving on to binsted avenue on the cul de sac seems very nice

  5. We are also moving onto Binsted in the near future, all being well. Its still a nice quiet area, according to several friends who also live on there. Parson cross church of England school is probably the best school in the area, its one of the best in Sheffield!


    That's good to no were I live now is really nice and quite but a very rough run down area with nothing to do i live neary gleadless vally on a private estate u get a lot for ya money . hopefully will b a good move thanks for replying

  6. I used to come training down at AFK with Al however been very slack on the kickboxing front of late.

    Still try and get to all the show's though. Farhad knows me as Wardy.


    Good luck for November mate. Always enjoy watching you fight shame I won't be there.


    Nice one mate its been a while since I been in a year on 17th November actually need to keep active ha but thanks for your support anyways nice to know I got a fan ha come speak to me on Saturday

  7. Anybody see Joe Mc govern take the world championship belt at octagon last night?

    Nice to have another world champion from Sheffield,he was awesome!

    He trains at SDF K1 kickboxing club at malin bridge i think.

    well done Joe you should have more recognition for what you have achieved.


    Well done Joe that is an awsome win to have under your belt does any know other results shane beard Alex

  8. hi mate, it was a pleasure (well,almost!lol) to share the ring with you on saturday night. as well as been a awesome fighter you are a true gent. hopefully see you in february

    Don't be silly mate the pleasure is mine you earnt that title shot there's a lot of top guys in this sport but You top em mate true gent be proud of what you achieve mate i would be you will have to come down for some training mate you and your team i mean and ill come to;) your gym be great to do some would together keep up the hard training Neil o yes i owe you a drink as well

  9. Interview with Rich Taylor from the TFS gym.



    You are due to Headline the AFK Superleague once again, how do you feel about that?



    Very excited actually. The AFK Superleague is something everyone from my TFS gym fighters and fans alike always look forward to.

    The promoters look after the fighters very well with good matches, the event is well run , the Officials are fair and unbiased. Also the atmosphere is absolutely electric especially at the ringside tables which have waitress service as a bonus. All in all a good time is had by all.



    You are fighting for the ISKA MMA Title at 77kg which is fought under the NSAC rules. Do you care to elaborate?



    I think the Nevada State Athletic Comission rules are what MMA should employ if the sport is to progress, the NSAC rules are a step above the old "Semi Pro" rules in that strikes to the head are allowed while on the ground but with the omission of the Elbows.


    AFK-SL =

    You have already fought two of the AFK SUPERLEAGUE's big names and you are about to fight a third!!!


    RT= (laughs)

    Yes I fought Ant Stuchbury under K-1 rules at a weeks notice. I was doing very well until he caught me with his Magic Knee to the face and I was out for the count.

    I think he improved my looks actually so thanks Ant!

    (points to his nose)

    I must admit I do prefer MMA to K-1 though.


    I also fought Karate and Kickboxing superstar Adam Hadfield in an MMA contest which I accepted the day before the show was I was going to be coming to the show anyway.

    Adam was strong and Grounded and Pounded me in the face a few times while I was on the floor in the 1st round. However he made a fatal error in the 2nd and I managed to submit him by virtue of Kimura.



    Youre MMA title fight is against Michael Gabbitas from Kapap Gym in Sheffield.

    What do you know about your opponent?



    Hes aggressive, he has a painfully accurate Right Cross and he has a high Knockout ratio! However I dont plan on being yet another statistic.



    Any predictions ?


    RT= It will be the Fight of the night , the crowd will be on their feet. Everyone will be glad they bought a ticket. I will go to war with Michael over 2 rounds and submit him in the 3rd round.

    Prediction ,.... Taylor's Fighting System are bringing back an MMA title as well as a Kickboxing Title!


    Great interview by rich but that last part was a silly comment good luck against Mic he a tough one but so is rich so should be great, o yeah rich your welcome. see you fight night

  10. when i wake up and look at the ceiling you wont be there to see the biggest,stupidest and cheesiest grin spread across my face on sunday morning when i remember the verdict from the night before, black eyes,bloody nose and battered body is a given but the smile will last a lot longer:banana:


    Like i said before i like your confidence but i don't envy you see you in the ring dude:suspect::wave::wave::wave:

  11. hahahahaha!!! i've been tag teamed!! i think i was possibly a little unlucky last time out, i could give loads of excuses for the loss but at the end of the day i did feel strong and fit on the night and the judges are better qualified than me to make the decision. luck is for the under prepared and i'm very prepared as i know what waits for me if im not, winner to buy drinks? i'll feel bad taking your title and allowing you to buy me a drink also....Farhads a lemonade, what would you like ant?......


    Ha your a comic as well as delusional. James roughed you up and I'm gonna do the same but worse so just be ready then ill get the drinks in ill ask you on the night what your having you may forget what you told me

  12. im well too thanks ,had a couple niggles after my last fight but im now entirely focused on separating you and your title lol, glad your back on form as i wouldnt want to face you at anything less than 100%. looking forward to the dust up (i'll have a big box of paracetamol ready for my headache) and looking forward to the drink afterwards


    Glad you back on track too your last fight was awkward that guy is very awkward and doesn't stop coming but you did ok but I'm afraid its gonna be a repeat performance for you mate just more ruthless good luck pal;)

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