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  1. I remember the catholic church on Burngreave Road Dr Leddy and the Old police station that was converted into two flats which we lived in whch went on to be bedsits and some sort of community centre now. all on Burngreave road.
  2. I used to watch it and raelly enjoyed it wish it would come back, i know there are reapears on one of the channels but i dont have it.
  3. Try Links Jewelry in ROtherham. Near the Rotherham Football club they made me a ring from scrap gold. I had some items of gold that had broken or lost one earing.
  4. I sold my house in July and still haven't exchanged contracts due to my buyers buyer waiting for the local searches coming back from the Waterboard. There is no hold up on my part or my buyers (apparently) i just need to exchange and move on. anyone else experienced this? I'm obviously not allowed to contact my buyers solicitor to talk to him its so frustrating.
  5. There has been too many do gooders that have brought all this on and now its hard to pull back. I got involved with some gobby teenagers the other night and then later some more causing grief at the local gym. When i think of the good hidings i had as a kid for doing a lot less than they do today. thats what they are all short of. So what do we do ? we are in the wrong if we say anything back / we are wrong if we touch anyone / we are wrong if we retaliate and protect our property. The Kids gat away with it.. So do we all stand back and let them get on with it.
  6. I think its a good idea also a cake decorators site i have just started a course on how to decorate cakes.
  7. I second that idea was going to suggest 1788 never tried it myself but its on my list very soon.
  8. I'd say you would pay,but you could arrange to go half and half and buy alternate drinks.
  9. Know what you mean there are plenty of gobby kids in Woodhouse.
  10. Looking for a long lost freind Moria Attwood (may be married now) Went to Athelstan Juniors in the late 60's and lived oposite the school. Later became a nurse in sheffield and lived for a time at the park hill flats with her mum. Lost touch since then.
  11. Would love to see it but too scared to go on my own
  12. That explans my moods swings i am ruled by the moon being a sensitive Cancerian
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