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  1. Love the low perspective, spectacular capture.
  2. Frankly I'm amazed that such a blatantly homophobic advert has been allowed, with Vinnie Jones advising , "but no kissing, you only kiss the missus on the lips".
  3. Is this for a bet, another 2 year old thread being ressurected. When I die Boy Friday is welcome to lay his hands on me but nothing below the waist, that would be creepy.
  4. Very nice, karl, first one for me.
  5. Internet Explorer doesn't recognise the pro photo rgb colour profile.
  6. Thank you for the latest comment, here's one with extension tubes using the same technique. Crocus Exposed by Corkneyfonz, on Flickr
  7. Thank you for the above comments. I wish that I could take a little more credit for them but these were taken with my anti grovel device which gives a shoe toecap view. I was literally shooting blind relying on chimping and repositioning plus changing the focus point to give me a fighting chance. My only real input was setting the manual exposure. As for embedding, there's a sticky at the top of the forum. With photobucket just copy the img code and paste into your thread. With flickr, click on the share this tab and select bb code. Again just copy and paste. As far as I am aware the photography section only allows this, all other sub forums require the http link
  8. Thank you to everyone for the recent comments and great picture of the fountain, Karl.
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