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  1. Bhel Puri Bhel Idli Sambar Thepla Kachori Papdi Chaat ... nom nom nom! Can't wait for this place to open. Please let me know if you are having an opening party. We'd like to bring some of our desi clients down :-)
  2. Fellow SF'ers We're looking for place for 2 (plus 1 baby) to go for Christmas Day lunch. Have tried Artisan (fully booked) and The York in Broomhill isn't open. Any other suggestions would be most welcome :-)
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy C System hair products from now that Halo on Division Street has closed...
  4. Try UK Bullion on Ecclesall Road - just up the road from Champs Have bought a few watches from there in the past and all have been ok. Pretty good at giving advice too :-)
  5. If you went to see your accountant/bank manager/lawyer etc (i.e. professional) who had previously been clean shaven and they had grown a beard what would you think? I've had a week off and in that time have grown a semi decent beard - just thinking it would be a shame to shave it off ... but don't want to scare anyone :-)
  6. It's a VW Golf - 52 i think We didn't check the exhaust that came off - never thought to do it. He said that the exhaust was causing the rattle Have been ripped off by Kwik Fit before - learnt that lesson a while ago. Thanks for the replies. Just seeing if we have any grounds to go back - and not get fleeced
  7. A tad concerned that we've been ripped off and I wanted to see what our rights were.. The car has been making a rattling noise for a while and it was worrying us. We took it to a garage to get it looked at and the chap (who we've used numerous times) had a 2 second look and told us we needed a new exhaust We're now £400 lighter.. and guess what the rattle is still there Not happy and wondered if we had any rights.. All help appreciated RS
  8. Blue Ball in aid of Bluebell Wood Friday 3rd September at The Copthorne Hotel in Sheffield Black tie (with a hint of blue) ... 4 course meal with drinks and dancing to the wee hours Auction Raffle £60 per person or £550 for a table of 10 Only a few places left so if you're interested in coming along or want to donate a prize please send me a message
  9. So then.. we have finally got the different bins and boxes for recycling. So I load the allocated blue box with paper and card- a little over the line and as the paper is slightly damp I decide not to put the blue cover over hopeing it'll dry a little in the sun. Look out of the window some time later to find that the collection lorry has been and everyone elses blue boxes are empty - bar mine! What have i done wrong?!
  10. Hi, We're thinking of buying our wedding cake from Waitrose and I am trying to find out if supermarkets use the same bakers and all you are paying for is the brand? Also has anyone had a wedding cake from a supermarket and if so any advice? Cheers :-)
  11. I've used one on Division St - she is has a room above the dry cleaners near the dev chippy. Heard good things about another one near there too - but can't seem to remember the name :-(
  12. Hi, Totally new to Car Boot Selling. We'd like to sell at one this weekend. What's the best one to go to on Sunday (19th July) Thank you PS Is there a particular etiquette we need to adhere to? :-)
  13. Morning all, I managed to leave my keys in a black cab last night. Is there a central number I can call to see if anyone has handed them in? Cheers RS
  14. Good morning, does anyone know where I can get a picture put in a frame I have? Not sure if the shops that frame require you to buy a frame from them :-)
  15. Aren't the people who run The Meditarranean on Sharrow Vale Rd portugese? They may have some portugese items on the menu :-)
  16. I used to get mine from Hemp on Sharrow Vale Rd.. the shops closed now, but the chap who ran it is still making stuff. Decent stuff too. PM me for his number
  17. This place is awesome. I've been going since 1990's. The chap in charge is Pedro and he is Portugese. Always have a nice chat with him RS
  18. Just heard someone talking about this. I heard Bradford and Bingley have done the same
  19. Tried both. They only do ladies ones though. Thanks for the pointer x
  20. Where in Sheffield can you buy mens silk/satin pyjamas? I've tried Coles and they haven't got anything. All help appreciated :-)
  21. We went to the clothes swapping event... which, when we got there found out was sold out! We decided to go to the viv westwood exhibtion and then for a meal.. (i know i said it's what i didn't want to do, but we were starving) the for Mojitos then back home ;-) Cheers for the tips guys.. i'll be back for more and have some great ideas for future dates.
  22. It's somewhere you take clothes and swap them with other peoples i guess... kind of like bartering. Would it be somewhere you go for a look with a girl? Or would it be better for girls to go on their own... Oh i don't know! :-s
  23. Cheers for the suggestions guys. I'm still racking my brains - have done the cook for her thing. Has anyone been out to Wednesday Night Live is Sheffield City Centre - weather permitting of course. I hear that there's a clothes swap on tomorrow night.. could that be a fun thing to do?!
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