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  1. I've been trying to contact The Cutler & Stardust 32-34 Cambridge Street Sheffield Yorkshire S1 4HP About an event booking. They're listed on venue websites but none of the phone numbers seem to be up to date. Are they still in operation or have they closed down?
  2. Thank you so much. I've managed to contact him and I'm going to take the bird in today. He thinks it will be ok because it's eating.
  3. Sounds great, does anyone know how to contact him? ---------- Post added 18-08-2013 at 08:13 ---------- Thank you so much. That is very helpful. I will give the place in Thirsk a ring but I am ideally looking for somewhere closer because I don't drive.
  4. Where is that? I'm in S14 ---------- Post added 17-08-2013 at 23:48 ---------- I know they need specialist treatment, thats why I'm so worried
  5. Thanks, we can get some in the morning, we're trying moistened cat food at the moment. ---------- Post added 17-08-2013 at 23:11 ---------- Does anyone know anyone who can take him in? Is Voluntary Rescue Centre For Birds & Wildlife on Woodseats still running? I will ring them in the morning. I was thinking of taking him to the vets but will they just kill him?
  6. My husband and I just rescued a baby blackbird from a cat. He doesn't appear to be injured but is probably in shock. We're keeping him warm. We need to know what to feed him and how to look after him. Thank you.
  7. Sorry for your loss. Regarding your remaining rat, I know it is difficult but consider rehoming her to someone who has other rats she can fit in with. I rehomed a rat from this forum under similar circumstances, his brother had passed away and he was lonely and actually becoming ill from the stress, his owner was not in a position to get another rat. He fitted in very well with my 3 rats and it was very rewarding to see them play together. He passed away last year but I knew he had enjoyed a better quality of life with his companions and that was comforting. So if you can find a suitable home for your rat with new friends then it is worth considering. If you don't want to rehome her or get another rat then give her lots of attention and provide toys and activities to keep her from getting bored but human companionship is not a substitute for the company of their own kind.
  8. Just let them know you are sorry for their loss and you are there for them. The most important thing when my dog Kado died was that people accepted my loss was legitimate. I was worried that someone would say 'it's just a dog' but people were really understanding and that meant a lot.
  9. redstar1987 I took that as saying they would like pick of the litter to live with the father, not all of the pups because that would be a lot to take on. It is nice they are not thinking about profit but there are other issues they need to think through as you pointed out.
  10. There is some information here, scroll down to Should I offer my dog at stud?: http://www.siberianhuskyclub.com/faq/viewsection?sectionID=11&sectionName=Breeding Here are some relevant quotes: "The owner must know what hereditary problems exist in the breed & which lines have produced problems in the past to be able to make an educated decision about whether their dog should be used at all & if so, which bitches he would suit. It is never just a case of letting any bitch mate any dog - this could lead to disaster!" "Responsibility for Puppies. Once a dog has been used at stud, the owner cannot just take the money & forget about it. The stud dog owner must be prepared to give advice on rearing puppies to the bitch owner (if a first time breeder) & must also take responsibility for any hereditary defects produced by their dog. They are also morally responsible for helping with the rehoming of any of their dog's offspring should the need arise at any time. This responsibility also means the stud dog owner must vet bitch owners that contact them to ensure that the breeder is reputable (not a puppy farmer for instance!) & that the bitch is old enough to be mated (or not too old) & has passed all the recommended health tests (annual eye tests for example)." "It goes without saying that your dog should also have had the recommended health screening tests which means as an absolute minimum, he should be eye-tested annually and hip scored. There may be other health issues relating to your breed, so check with your breed club and carry out any further health checks that they recommend." I don't think your dog would be suitable for stud as he doesn't have papers. If you didn't get papers because you got him as a family pet then why use him for stud? You talk about him giving "life to his babies" but what about the Huskies that die in shelters because they are irresponsibly bred?
  11. Hi guys, unfortunately I have to go out of town for a family funeral this weekend. Would anyone be able to go to Cineworld just to feed the cat? And is there anyone who can foster for a few days if she is caught? I am back on Tuesday.
  12. I'm not an expert but to me she seemed like she wasn't feral or could be brought around because I have adopted feral kittens that were terrified of people at first, and she didn't behave like them. She was wary of us but not terrified and my husband got close to her a few times so hopefully she can be helped.
  13. My husband and I were at Cineworld at the weekend and saw a small black and white cat eating out of the bin near the tram stop. We followed her but unfortunately couldn't catch her. She seemed stray because she was thin and obviously hungry, scavenging for food. Also she had a limp. She was not feral though because she was wary of humans but not terrified. She looked young, maybe 6 months old. We were wondering if anyone would be able to help catch her, possibly with a cat trap, we could foster or adopt her. Also has anyone in that area lost a cat? She seemed stray but could have got lost. I am assuming it is a female but didn't get close enough to check for sure.
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