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  1. This keeps happening to me too. I don't think they know what they're doing to be honest.
  2. I'd be interested too. I've read/watched... Black Cat Naruto Death Note Bleach Hellsing DBZ One Piece Negima Excel Saga Black Lagoon Fullmetal Alchemist Fairy Tail Soul Eater Elfen Lied Bakuman I am open to recommendations. I usually go down to the Sheffield Space Center or Forbidden Planet to get my Manga. I also like to sketch Manga.
  3. Reading Black Cat at the moment.
  4. I like Manga/Anime. I also draw them. Let me know if this works out.
  5. I just walked home. He stopped the bus near the Junior School.
  6. While I was on the 58 Stagecoach Bus traveling through Stocksbridge a few hours ago, a man suddenly leaped from the back of the bus and said the bus was on fire. When we all got off the bus, there was thick smoke pouring from the back, I presumably the smoke was coming from the bus engine. That was quite a terrifying experience.
  7. Who went to the Pokemon TCG Undaunted Prerelease Event at Patriot Games?
  8. Disgaea 2 on PSP. One of the best Strategy games on a handheld.
  9. Is there anywhere in sheffield that have imported the new Pokemon games?
  10. I set my Wii to 60hz but it's still the same. I probably need a better TV.
  11. My tv is suppost to be 50hz/60hz but it's not displaying 60hz properly. (Colour bleeding). I just wondered if I would need some kind of device in order to display 60hz properly or if there's a way to swich between the two on my tv. The tv model is LG 20LC1RB
  12. It's for a college project. I need 20 males and 20 females. It doesn't have to be exact. It can just be an estimate.
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