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  1. For gods sake, as an ex-student, yeah you do get a bit of discount but only a very limited amount in very limited amount of shops. I don't wish to keep repeating the same arguments, but no i didn't have to pay council tax, but i paid your government £3000 a year (not my parents money!) to do a course, and probably what you're paying out for your mortgage just to rent a ROOM. And now that i'm not a student, i'm a hellava lot in debt and in exactly the same situation (no discount, full council tax) as the rest of you. Really sorry to rant but a 10% discount at topshop really doesn't compare to any major benefits.
  2. I don't usually bother but just entered into a competition, has any sheffield forum'ers ever won anything exciting?? :D
  3. I use this company regularly and they're normally pretty good and the drivers are friendly, although i've heard this happened to a friend of mine. I always make sure that i say, 'sorry i've only got a twenty' now so they can't try it on. One more thing you might want to be careful with... me and my partner use this firm to go to centertainment if we're having a few drinks and it's always the same price back. One time we arrived home and the driver told us the fair was nearly double (i'm not sure if it was because i moved to sheffield and don't have the accent and he might of thought i wouldn't have known any different) but after we told him the price we usually paid... he quickly told us 'just to give him that then'.
  4. Last year sometime, I seen a group of maybe 20 men, all in parka's and all driving moped's down Handsworth road. I think it was a sunday, so I thought perhaps they all met regularly as new-age Mods! They looked pretty good!
  5. Hi, I have been asked to attend a group interview for a media/sales position next week and have no idea what to expect from this type of interview. Has anyone ever had one and what do they usually include? Thanks!
  6. Lots of commotion around 6am this morning in the Ballifield area, lots of police and ambulances...does anyone know anything about it??
  7. would be good to hear from parents what they think of children's tv? It is important to the child? And also adults, what did children's tv matter to you??
  8. Hi, does anyone know what First bus runs to chatsworth during the week? Thanks!
  9. I know, that would be my first thought if i hadn't of seen them, but they were so big, much bigger than a plane... and flew in precisely a straight line as the one before!? I'm not a naive and if someone was telling me about it, i would be the MOST cynical, but seeing that, i don't know what to think
  10. Did anyone else see any strange lights in the sky on this night?? Me and my family were all sat outside and saw a big round fiery glow fly over, completely silent. The glow didn't flash or appear to be the usual shape of any aircraft i know. a few minutes later, another one in the same flight path, and again another. a few mins after that 6 came over. We've discounted lots of theories (ie: millitary, as there was no sound whatsoever). My first thought was that it was a plane on fire but it didn't seem to be falling from the sky. It also travelled for two far and too straight to have been fireworks. All of us saw it, so i know i'm not going mad, i'm just really puzzled as to what it could have been! just wondering if anyone seen anything, or could enlighten me to what it could have been?? It's messing with my rational mind!
  11. I go to Sheffield university and we received an email about this not long ago, first of all asking for witnesses and then stating that all students had been expelled from the university, (not sure about what legal prosecution was made) but to say that they would have all paid £3000 up front for the current uni year, (not counting cost of rent that is paid upfront or money they may have paid for previous years), and the fact that they will find it increasingly difficult to reapply for other uni's... i think they have been dealt with effectively.
  12. I think in a state of protest, tomorrow everyone should press the bell at every stop, take ages getting off, put your hand out and change your mind, and sit in the seat next to the driver and play music really loud. lol
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