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  1. I had to ring the hotline to get mine...... but all i got was crackling!
  2. Can somebody pm me please? i just want to check that my message inbox is working properly?? you can write anything and it doesnt matter who it is but please send mer a message thanks.. (Waits for the insults in PM) lo/
  3. Thanks guys.. Not been home all day so sorry for the late reply.. I will message you. Cheers
  4. i guess it can be boring to watch sometimes... But playing isnt that bad once you get into it. its ok, each to their own and that.
  5. come on! All these people in Sheffield and on the forum and nobody up for it? bad times!
  6. Hey people... You could call me a part timer for this (crucible just finished and all that) but would anyone like to play snooker maybe once a week, twice a week or even just once every now and then? Ive joined the club at Gleedless townend so if that location is any good to anyone, we could play there? Hoping to make it a regular thing.. Thanks and hope someone is up for it. I would say i am a intermediate beginner who hasnt played in ages. Send me a message or leave one here if youre interested. Tar
  7. I might give it a go soon. health problems at the moment are the only thing holding me back.....
  8. Definitely agrees! Lovely views and nice bit of road.
  9. Alan, that is brilliant!!! much appreciated thanks... I will happpily give it a go. Will let you know how i get on, Thanks again
  10. Can anyone point me in the right direction of a genuine mechanic who will charge me a fair price to remove my old pollen filter from my car and fit a new one (already got the part) Really fussy about my car so has to be somewhere I can take it where my car will not return with droplets of spray paint, scratches, dents and other blemishes.. cheers
  11. sorry for late reply... yeah thats the car !
  12. Heres one for you Hardy..Solve the puzzle... Shoreham street is the longest road in Sheffield without?????? Hint---Anyone can answer lol
  13. I'm not normally a hater but i just have to say Haha at Mark Allens snooker lesson courtesy of John Higgins who is leading 5-2 at the moment.....
  14. been away a few days. Gutted to see Hendry go out but i hope Higgins wins it or Robertson... I wouldnt mind a day session watching it too....
  15. Is gutted that Ronnie went out today... It would be nice to see Hendry to do well this year...Hopeful I know.
  16. Hendrys looking like he's starting to come up with the goods against Ding at 7-6...... (Now 8-6)... Just made a century and showing hes STILL world class!
  17. ok, now im being a bit of a moaner but they are showing swail v Fu but commentry is for the other match! ruins it! Not sure whether theres much technically that can be done mid play.......
  18. Anyone having problems getting the Swail v wots his name match on free view? Tried pressing view and it says its on at 7 but nothing!
  19. I wish I was there to see the Hendry/Williams finalk session in the first round. I thought despite Williams not playingwell, Hendry came up with the goods in the last session. Top stuff!
  20. To do a degree you need three years unless your doing a top up which will usually take one year but you still need to have achieved the levels 4 and 5before you study at level 6 (degree level)
  21. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/snooker/8002660.stm Loves this video...... Thats how i remembered most of the snooker I saw snooker as a youth.
  22. Hehe Sounds good Andy.... Ive not followed it religiously so i guess im a bit of a part timer but always love the crucible. Hope your bet comes in good.
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