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  1. oh my god! a Two minutes silence on saturday for a pile of concrete and steel? get a grip and stop crying , sad people!
  2. yes finally, the end of drug den lol .. being from sheffield i knew it as REPUBLIC! not crasher.. but yea im glad nobody was hurt or injured but so happy its gone !
  3. oh ffs shut arguing lol im eatin my tea with my ten thousand kids lol
  4. I agree with john bradley re: Nonas on Ecclesall Road---- way overpriced, overtanned, over done and over snobbed, same ss most restaurants in/on Ecllesall Road area!
  5. any one interesting in a drinking partner for the odd night at townend or vallry?
  6. hi, im living at gleedless but not finding it a great place to live . what are your views?
  7. I agree with fnky...... Load of pants. Ive one of many who have been to the new embrace and im miffed by the fact that theyve spent millions and yet you still stick to the floor as they cant get it clean lolol... wonderful!
  8. proud or patricks day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. thanks mr craig, nice to have fair play bud, good luck to scotland now, im thrilled that we beat italy
  10. apologies everybody, i meant to post the comment about having irish working parents on another forum because some man was slagging off the irish xx
  11. great day to have a birthday,,,, hmmm twinkle! lolx hava a great day everybody x
  13. there seems 2 b some anti irish remarks in here, well im english and born here, but my parents are both irish so less of the irish slagging!lol
  14. and for the irish people who came here to find WORK, it has a lot to do with us as i was born of irish working parents here in sheffield.....
  15. well fair play guys each to their own, i will be celebrating this day with passion
  16. well i will be celebrating as i was born in sheffield and unlike many people, my parents came here many years ago, not to claim benefits but to work, so yeah pretty special day 4 me. happy st patricks day everyone x
  17. I cant seem to get hold of the new irish rugby shirt in any shop in sheffield centre.. anyone have any ideas?meadowhalls a trek but i will go if i know theyve got some. thanks guys
  18. im fairly quiet in real life unless im around people that i know very well and even still im quiet lol, yes i talk more on here
  19. yeah man, i rememer it , wow, wats your interest? reminiscing?
  20. do it in gleedgless , they all ride on the oraods there illegally so u will be fine lol
  21. loldaft lasd. i like you answer, yuo got the idea man!!!
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