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  1. If anyone is interested in a game of tennis maybe once a week or whenever then please get in touch, many thanks
  2. Hi Mike and Rnn. I am quite flexible for games and can play at millhouses, bingham, graves leisure centre out or indoor courts. I have three rackets with me and a decent supply of balls. On foot at the moment but own transport will be available soon. Anyone want to set up some games I am available this week to start some off ...... Message me if interested
  3. Hi Mike. I would say I am intermediate level but not played in a long time so Need plenty of regular games to improve fitness and techniques. I guess I can hit the ball back over the net reasonably well but I need praqctice. I can play pretty much anywhere but preferably south Sheffield e.g Millhouses, Graves leisure Centre, Endcliffe, Bingham ?
  4. I am also starting to play again and would like a tennis buddy or to get invloved...
  5. Hi everyone. Does anyone know if there are any support services for people who have recently been discharged from hospital and finding things too difficult?
  6. On the subject of GTI 9000- Samsung Galaxy, mine is continuously starting to play up. Its deleteing my messages when it shouldnt despite me moving the message limit higher. Its also sluggish when making and recieveing calls and its starting to get me annoyed. I'm also having loads of problems with Kies and sometimes my pc wont recognise my GTI9000. Can anyone get me some updates or something? many thanks
  7. Hi all. I need help because I want to advertise a room which i'm going to let. Can anyone give me advice on rules? general do's and dont's (all barring the common sense ones). I dont know how to approach this or where to even start and i would be willing to pay for help with this. Many thanks
  8. I never said it was a shooting star. I was saying I saw the beginning of the geminid shower (this was Friday)
  9. considering just one caught my eye easily on Friday, Id say so pink... Even accounting for the city glare
  10. its been said this is happening tonight I(climax) but I saw one on Friday evening and you could have seen that anywhere! It was so bright. I just feel like getting out to take in the wintery night.
  11. I'm thinking of driving out later if I can get motivated! Not sure where I'm going to go yet
  12. can anyone lend me a converter which will hold a sata gassed drive on an ide master drive? I'mHappy to pay deposit just to borrow it for a few hours at my pc has broken and I'm trying to work from home I have own transpoet and will be eternally grateful if anyone can help?
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