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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 10 hours

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    this is a set of aluminium extension ladders 17 rungs per ladder


  2. Time Left: 3 days and 10 hours

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    this is a set of aluminium extension ladders 12 rungs per ladder


  3. i was at my brothers funeral two weeks ago and there only 30 people allowed to attend this mob had dozens blocking roads off and at shiregreen they were setting smoke bombs off why was this allowed are the police scared of these people
  4. i would like to go to the canal ,i used to go to the plumpers stretch, i,ve had some good days there but i dont think its as accessible as it used to be the other place i would like to go when the season opens would be ecclesfield pond thats a place that has improved over the years
  5. i was brought up on woolley wood road our garden was next to the woods which was our playground i used let my mates go through our garden if my dad wasn,t there we would make swings and dens go nesting i never took any eggs from any nest i thought it was cruel we would go down to the railway tracks there was some ponds there where looked for frogs and newts when we had enough we would make our way home i would take me mam some some bluebells and put em in a milk bottle. what great days
  6. i remember bob jackson from many years ago when he ran praise and grumble on his own he knew how to handle awkward callers not like the crew we listen to in recent years who are sometimes sarcastic and ignorant with some callers ,where they did there media training god only knows, R,I,P mr jackson
  7. hi victoria what a great story of your nan opening morrisons store i have been going in their store for a good number of years and go in the cafe nearly every day so i must have seen her why i send this message is because my brother used to work with your grandad at shardlows and they used to go fishing together and with bellhouse club also i have read the letters your nan has had in the star she seems a very bright lady i hope she keeps in good health keeps going to morrisons it would be nice to meet her and have a chat
  8. hi raker just got back to this site i was born on woolley wood rd lived at 121 had three brothers fred george and mick
  9. hi steelerblade I was born in january 1938 on woolley wood road ---------- Post added 10-10-2018 at 20:18 ---------- hi aroddbo i lived on woolley wood road and i remember the turton family i lived a few houses down the road from them
  10. is there a timetable for bus and what route does it take
  11. knock the place down can,t people worship at home
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