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  1. my nephew suffers with depression.He has done a number of paintings for therapy.Can anyone reccomend a place he could show them + maybe sell them ?
  2. Anybody had windows replaced by this gentleman 😊
  3. they have drones flying around Richmond and Netherthorpe where I live
  4. because using paper bags would impact on trees thats why we need to re use whats already been manufactured .The government should put out the why this is all happening to educate people the importance of cutting down on the waste
  5. Re use your bags the shops are not doing it to cover costs and money they charge has to go to charity !We need to cut down on plastic, report the shop if you think they are doing wrong
  6. what is it theres Talbot Road at back of Park Hill
  7. Every time I,ve been on one the conductors are saying how rubbish they are and I noticed the aisles are narrower too and leak when it rains
  8. Anyone know if young girl ok collapsed outside Lloyds bank on Weds
  9. Been on one 3 times now Tram Trains feel like old bone rattlers not very smooth
  10. A Suzuki has been found burnt out Shirtcliffe woods ?? someone has put a post on S13 sales
  11. the lady has been feeding the pigeons for years .I was informed she does it because her father+troops were saved because of the use of carrier pigeons during the war ---------- Post added 27-10-2017 at 13:52 ---------- Taxman I love your response I love the Peregrines ,but I don,t mind pigeons as I grew up next door to a man who had racing pigeons ,it is a shame they,ve got out of hand tho
  12. it was supposed to be goin in Sports Direct ,but rumour has it not looking likely now maybe they had a rethink with Ikea opening
  13. Does anyone know where the shop moved to that used to be in Hillsborough Barracks??
  14. Does anyone know if this going to happen it would be good in there
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