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  1. Hi Bizzybabe try facebook I went to hartley brook high school (sometimes) started by Paul Grayson , Fay is on there.
  2. Janet married my cousin Dave Rodgers. I left 69 Inman,Hutchinson snr,Gallagher, and Webster were my form teachers
  3. Hi lizzybee can remember Bob Pemberton, was it Jean France who had the right long hair.?
  4. Royal Hotel won it in 1978 last time it was played on a double board.
  5. Just reading another thread, Turnstyle.
  6. Green Carnation later Jade, Limelight, Moving Finger, Seventh Heaven and Mainstream.
  7. As a young lad mid 60s seem to remember a bloke called Brian Norrie moved us to Fox Hill, would that be correct?.
  8. Hi Jonesey remember Sandringham and year after Westward Ho (Devon) tent poles down middle of coach (Trevor Carnell) driver, can't place you at the moment.
  9. It was the Discos (3 of them) formerly 4 Mimes saw them many times..
  10. Hi can't remember him doing Fiesta but seen him 3 times at Arena fantastic show he puts on, recent birthday present 2 tickets to see him 2nd July Hampden Park Glasgow.
  11. I lived at no 13 across from Eddisons, went to school with Stephen Eddison and John Ball, John's mother was Jean Baker i believe,
  12. Some more names Mick Cliff Rouse, Pete Sydney, Graham Bullimore, Kenny Gudgeon was a cousin of the Greens
  13. Hey up Mick Gordon Green was Tony's uncle his dad was Les, brothers Pete & Alan all played for Royal at some point, 1978 when we won it last year it was played on a double board.
  14. Hi Elainer trying to place you long time ago though,I worked on heidelberg's under bay as apprentice to Pete Brooks with Tony 69 to 77 did you go on Tony & Brenda's engagement party Big Tree Woodseats?. My wife to be then was Carol Jackson who has just infomed me she has Irene's address if you want it, Margaret Elms was in charge of letterpress girls Anne Cath big & little Janets remember them? Merry Christmas to you all.
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