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  1. Hi my mum was Betty Houlden remember it very clearly and all the people she helped on the manor she was an amazing lady and I was very proud she was my mum
  2. does anybody remember my dad tom longden who had butchers shop on woodhouse road next to old fire station .im his son les.
  3. thanks to all the people who replied my son out of hospital making good recovery ******* who did it not found yet.
  4. can the taxi driver who replied let me know if he saw anything thanks
  5. across road from walkabout at about 2 30 am 31st august
  6. anybody see my son getting assaulted on west street early monday morning left with head injuries please reply if you did. thanks for anybodys help.
  7. my mother in law was betty houlden who was featured on the film.
  8. if you go on facebook there is a section all about jordanaires.my son was in it jason longden ,also started in manor millitaires.
  9. just been talking at work some great bands,anybody remember bitter sweet,cfs always played elo songs.does anybody remember a band from manchester called chatosh great female lead singer.
  10. well you should realise people from down south are a bit funny anyway but thats a different subject
  11. i am glad to see you all call them pikelets a lot of people call them crumpets wronk word.
  12. looking for players who played for this team.i was the wicket keeper les longden from hurlfield school,other people were steve lomax who went to same school as me ,good footballer too.ray mchale who became proffesional footballer played for united and also managed them anybody out there please get in touch.
  13. never had problem with talktalk services just cant understand why it takes so long to get broadband running
  14. just moved 3 houses on roa d and has took nearly 3 months to get it turned on?
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