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  1. Hi guys, If I were to start my own e-commerce business what are the steps everyone should complete within the first 6 months? For example: What are the laws? Do I need to follow specific guidelines for returning orders? Should I register my business? There are plenty of companies out there that allow you to register your business name for 99p. Do I need to do this? What is the point in this? Do I need to copyright my business (not sure what the difference is between this and registering my business)? Do I need a VAT number? I won't be making enough to start with to pay VAT, but it's nice to have a VAT number on the site. Also, will my current employer know if I'm running my own business? Does anybody have any experience with using 3rd party customer services? Thanks
  2. Unfortunately I found this to be true. One thing I can recommend is sending your CV off to a recruitment agency. They will then see if you're suitable to any jobs they have lined up and will do all the hard work for you (sending off CV, keeping in touch with potential employer during the interview stage, arranging several interviews). Also if you aren't successful, they let you know straight away instead of you sitting by the phone for weeks...
  3. Thanks for that! Now I know that I need a visa when entering Thailand to Vietnam and Vietnam to Laos. I plan on getting one of the bus routes available at one of the Vietnam to Laos crossings as Laos visa are available on arrival. Is it possible to purchase a visa when entering Vietnam from Thailand? As we are flying into Bangkok first, does this matter?
  4. I haven't planned a route yet, but we will plan a route before we go. What is the situation with the visas for Thailand Laos and Vietnam? For example, We will be in Thailand for less than 30 days before heading through Laos (less than 30 days) and then enter Vietnam from Laos (less than 30 days) followed by entering Thailand again to fly home from Bangkok.
  5. What would you say were the best books to own for SEO? I know theres SEO for Dummies and SEO Bible, I've read both and think they're great, just wondered if there was any others people could recommend?
  6. We're flying to Bangkok and then heading up north towards Chang Mai and then heading into Laos. We're then heading across to Vietnam towards Hanoi and then a bit further east towards Halong Bay and then heading south through Vietnam towards Ho Chi Minh City and then across the Gulf of Thailand (flight) to Phuket and then back up to Bangkok to finish. There is a lot of travelling involved but we are going for 2 months. Is this realistic or too much? @Verona - Did you travel by train a lot? If so are the trains fairly cheap? Is there any specific route you can recommend?
  7. Thanks for the advice We are flying into Bangkok and staying in a hotel for 3 days (just whilst we settle) and then just making it up as we go along heading north to Laos and then eventually round to Vietnam.
  8. Has anyone been to Thailand, Vietnam or Laos before? Me and my girlfriend are going to travelling round the three for 2 months. We are still saving and will hopefully have around £1800 each spending money to live day by day and also pay for accommodation. Will this be enough for 2 months? Thanks for any advice!
  9. ahhhh it was the frequency the router was set at. Apparantly one of my housemates changed it over the Christmas period. Everyone else's laptops picked it up but the Dell is quite old and obviously struggled. Everything works fine now! Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. It's running on Vista 32 I'm quite good with computers and tried everything to do with the wireless including updating drivers etc. (Whether I did it correctly, well....) The weird thing is the WLAN card works fine as it's picking up everyone else's routers on the street. It's strange, the laptop and router just don't find each other??
  11. Heya, I have a Dell Inspiron 6100 which has been working great and I've never had any problems before. However all of a sudden it's decided it doesn't want to connect to the router... Everyone else in my house has no problem connecting to the router and receiving internet. The laptop works if I plug an ethernet cable into it so it's something to do with this specific laptop not finding the router. When I go to connect to networks the laptop has no problem finding the neighbours routers... Any suggestions? I'm completely stumped. I've turned the firewall off to see if for any reason this was the issue but it's not. My laptops fallen out with the router Any help will be great!! thanks!
  12. My whole experience with seo has been trial and error. But it has been difficult as I have had to build websites and learn php and mysql (again just trial and error with coding) before I can even start concentrating on SEO. I'm going to start learning php, css and mysql as a lot of positions ask for experience in these areas. What big web agencies are there that may be likely to take people on as apprentices?
  13. I need a lot more experience. The website I'm working on at the moment is no where near complete and the website I've made in the past is no longer live. Making websites has been a hobby of mine and I haven't (as of yet) been able to the SEO of different sites in depth as I simply haven't had the time to do so due to my course. I spoke to a lady earlier today who worked for an SEO company and she said exactly the same as you Sandra - that it is very competitive. However she did state that if I wasn't still at university at the moment I could of applied for an entry level position as SEO researcher. This sounded promising as this is exactly what I'm looking for to gain experience. To work as an apprentice of some kind for a large SEO company.
  14. I'm currently approaching the end of my 4 year degree studying Business and Enterprise Management at Sheffield Hallam and now is the time to begin applying for jobs for when I finish. I have a big interest in Search Engine Optimisation and have been teaching myself (with the use of my own websites) all about it for the past 2 years. I wondered how I would go about achieving a job in this field? Is experience with other companies essential or is it feasible for me to apply for jobs in this sector with no experience and just a degree in Business Enterprise? If I do require more experience in this sector (which no doubt I will) how do I gain this experience? Thanks for any help
  15. Just reporting back. Did exactly what you both said. Pulled out the washing machine, tilted it back to look underneath. Eventually figured out which part was the filter (black rubber tube thing). Scraped everything out including a pound coin and an old Shef uni card and rinsed out all the yellow goo. And now it seems to be working fine! Thankyou very much for your quick and helpful replies! You saved me going into work smelling like a farm
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