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  1. I would like to meet Strix to see if in real life she is as sarcastic and bad tempered in real life as she is on sheff forum lol
  2. Hi my uncle was ernest dewsnap yes he lived just off rudyard . my dad was called Edward ..hope this reaches you as it is an old post i have just seen...
  3. trying to find family of my dad Edward brother to Violet.MOTHERS name Alice Wolstenholm who died after giving birth to my dad.I would love to see photos of aunty Violet as i never knew her .Many thanks if you can help ...Vivien...
  4. went too fast to get a picture or video ..!!!!not all of us go outside to capture something random !!!
  5. same here see my comments.. last time i saw a u.f.o.?/comet was in 1979 ...looked exactly same ..!!!!
  6. it was an orange/red ball with a yellow/ white tail trailing behind travelling from left /leeds?area north to south/west very fast n no sound 3 times ?faster than an areoplane......comet? ....
  7. yeah just saw that !!!looked like a comet !!!live at lover walkley ...my hubby said it must av been a chinese lantern ..not a chance it was moving far too fast ...
  8. Chantelle hair is red, and I will also give her a tip :-)
  9. £4:80 S/Y But if you have a family £8:50 S/Y for 2 adults + 3 kids
  10. c/peaks just outside market my inks cost me £1:25 each never had a problem with them iv'e been going to him for years
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