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  1. Will try councilor thanks. Was wondering if a friend would be acceptable
  2. I know it gives a list of some who can sign as knowing you for 2 years or more. But my doctors no longer do licences and my local shop i have never used so they have refused. Can a friend do that part or if not is there somewhere else i can get it done
  3. "He held her around the neck so she couldn't breathe. She told him to stop. She also told him she was just 13.” http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/five-men-guilty-of-sexually-exploiting-sheffield-girl-13-1-6874162 Rotherham at least 1400, they say Bradford, Rochdale and Sheffield with these child abuse cases. Some of these children have had children and had them removed. In the Jay report. http://www.theguardian.com/society/interactive/2014/aug/26/rotherham-children-sexually-abused-full-report it say's 1 operation about taxi drivers just having there taxi licences revoked ( not Charged with an offence so never went to court ) others just had abduction notices served by the police not the court And again, not charged with anything. Seriously something needs to be done, a public enquiry in to police, council, social services and some care homes over this. Petitions to government, emails as well . Public needs to keep pressure on them to make sure that this is being looked in to by a committee from out side south yorkshire
  4. This was the programme last night on bbc 1 about Rotherham http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04hcg6z/panorama-stolen-childhoods-the-grooming-scandal this was on channel 4 late last night http://www.channel4.com/programmes/pakistans-hidden-shame/4od
  5. The councillors, social workers and the police who worked on these cases while this was happening and did nothing should be held responsible, and personally think they should face criminal charges for aiding and abetting ( if we helped a friend by covering a crime up they done we would be in court and possibly going to prison ) Clean house. The Pakistan's that where involved should be dealt with and should face a long term in prison, 10 yrs is a good start. And another person involved i don't care if there white, black, brown, green or bloody pink. Muslim, Christian, Catholic or and other religion. This is about children that have lost there childhood and the abusers that are free. They need to be dealt with legally as quickly as possible. http://www.theguardian.com/society/interactive/2014/aug/26/rotherham-children-sexually-abused-full-report wait till you read some of the operations carried out by the police. Operation Czar, Abduction notices where made ( had to look this up, basically it means they are no longer allowed to see or go near the person involved but has no legal bearing, so they could ignore it ) taxi licences where revoked. but no convictions where made. Now you might think that is when this started, but this is 2010 page 17. unbelievable reading some of it
  6. Why say this is not about race, IT is about race its about the pakistan community in Rotherham. they are the ones that have been grooming and abusing children. they where the ones last time involved when the 5 got prison and 1 is already released. They said that was it. personally i think they knew about others aswell. you cant hind something this big in there own community and all those that got let off last time should now face prossecution for there part back then and any future crimes they have committed. this is not down to a couple of them, as statements given by some of those abused. they where taken to take aways, in taxis and to houses. I am disgusted by what has happend and i hope they all get what they deserve. I also want to see all those officials that was involved in turning there back on those innocent children to face prosecution for neglect and anything else they can be done for. the police at the time that arrested the parents that went to these pakistani houses, should also be turning there note books in for inspection of who was involved and they themselves should be before the courts, the police at the time even arrested the children . This has to stop and all those that abused those children need to be in prison, there faces and names should be made public and they should go permanently on a sex offenders register scum every last one of them that was involved
  7. the 1 on the skateboard needs help and have no problem with him coming here and getting it, but those that have come here just to claim benefit to send home to make a better home over there. and they are claiming tax credits for kids that are in home country, something very wrong there and have no interest apart from what they can screw off benefits need sending home back to there native countries. and that woman who got sactioned and is now getting back money i just cant believe it. send them back and lock the door after them. wonder how long before this topic is locked lol
  8. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/x-factor-talent-search-comes-back-to-sheffield-1-6528477 Xfactor coming to Sheffield, Meadowhall. Could'nt they have picked a better venue ? And will any of our local talent get to perform infront of the judges on tv
  9. I definately dont want him back at lane, and if he scores i wont clap. when he's done his time, he can go sign on far as i'm concerned.
  10. whats he served 4 months out of 18 months. not really served his sentence. Unless they are going to tag him for serving a quarter of his sentence, but then has to be a good lad for rest. would he be wearing a tag when playing on pitch, would set a good example, slap someone get let out early n then get your job back as if he has done nothing wrong .
  11. We took a flat in rotherham as sheffield said it could be upto 2 years before we might get offered 1. but if they want a 2 bed flat, balcony's front and back, 2nd floor flat with 8 steps to front door ( not shared ) would love to swap just for wet room, and dont care what area it is
  12. It's a pity they could not have offered you a none altered property, i dislike seeing these wasted ---------- Post added 12-02-2014 at 23:21 ---------- [/color] I understand that, as we moved here last september as a temp move, but if right property came along we would be gone, especially if it had a wet room
  13. We are desperate for shower or wet room, would offer to swap but where in 2 bed flat. why dont you do a mutual exchange, if you dont like it this much or it is so unsuitable, there are quite afew on the housing swap list that want these properties,
  14. why dont you add some details here, someone might know them
  15. working forgot to check thix topic, will re check my emails that isent to make sure that i added correct email address later, surprised to see it running still. hope it stays civil
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