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  1. Thanks Waldo and Spider 1. I will investigate
  2. Does anyone know of any chess clubs in Sheffield? preferably Wednesday , Thursday ,or Friday evenings
  3. Can anyone tell me of any writers groups they know in Sheffield?
  4. "Gods" not "God's.A simple plural for God's sake!
  5. Turkeys suffer enough being factory farm reared without having their throats cut without stunning. Get civilised.Buy a free range turkey that has been killed as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
  6. When I was a lad I had some riding breaches with narrow legs.Once I was tryiing to put them on and I couldn't get my leg in one side.I couldn't figure it out until I put my hand inside and found our half grown kitten asleep inside.
  7. Thanks very much.I got some Scarpa Rangers from Foothills.Just what I wanted.
  8. I have just got back from a cycling trip in India.I was with a group of people,one of whom has had both an artificial hip and an artificial knee fitted.She felt no pain whilst cycling.Of course people's circumstances vary and there may be other factors that present obstacles. Best wishes.
  9. I have a Vauxhall Astra automatic that I wo0uld like to donate either to a charity or other worthy cause. It is R registered and in good condition.
  10. Does anyone know where I can find some good non- Gortex lined boots.I find Gortex lined boots make my feet much too hot in summer
  11. I got into correspondence on the net with a muslim guy about halal slaughter. He said that it was less painful than stunning but that that was a side issue as the creater of the universe had said that it should be done that way. This is in a book every word of which is true. Such stupidity is almost tangible. People have a right to believe whatever mumbo jumbo they choose but they have no right to impose suffering on other living things.
  12. We have 2 lovely dogs, a border terrier and a border terrier cross and we would be pleased to hear from dog loving people who could walk them occasionally when we are at work. Malin Bridge area.
  13. I need someone to walk my dog Dennis on Mondays to Fridays When I,m at work and when my ex who shares him with me can,t have him . I live in Malin Bridge in the Rivelin Valley. Howard Crossley 0114 2346599
  14. I have been driving for over 40 years and I,ve driven on a lot of roads. The Stocksbridge Bypass is the worst road I have ever driven on.The entrances onto it are unlike anything I have experiencd on other roads.The speed limit on it should be 40mph and rigidly enforced.
  15. the tv licece costs 34.65 pence a day--- a lot of money for people for whom it is a lot of money and well worth endless debate and getting hot under the collar about.
  16. Atkinsons Oakland road Hillsborough Honest And reliable
  17. Things my son said when he was very young; Who painted the sky? What's God's second name? Seeing black and white tv "haven,t they coloured it in yet? Seeing a stationary snail "have the batteries run out? Asked "what does God do?" Told "He creatd eveything" Reply "well he hasn,t created much that I can see.People build houses." On picking a bilberry "hey it,s got jam in it" Seeing fish on a fishmongers slab "Can they still see now they,re dead?"and "don,t they mind being dead?" His friend Ben in the rush hour in Colwyn Bay "will there be any Welsh people in all them cars?"
  18. Ban signs saying THIS DOOR MUST BE KEPT CLOSED AT ALL TIMES This turns a door into a wall. What is the point of having a door that can never be opened?EXCEPT WHEN GOING OUT OF THE ROOM should be added.
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