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  1. someone asked me if they can pay by paypal for an item thats fine never had an issue doing that exept this time they paid it by echeque and expect me to post tommorow morning im not prepared to do that or accept the payment how do i cancel it from my side other party says it cant be cancelled now
  2. Cheers everyone think it's sedation then either way not looking forward to it
  3. Having camera down throat today and don't know best thing to do sedation or just throat spray anyone have experienced it and can give advice would be great
  4. Wanting me to post to Nigeria before PayPal would release funds PayPal page was a scam though
  5. I've spent 40 mins winding last one up they get annoyed in end
  6. Anyone else tried selling a phone on gumtree all I get is stupid Nigerians trying to scam it had phone on 2 days had 11 scam attempts all Nigerian think gum tree is a joke
  7. Its not that if you run out it says this just logs out so you cant post an advert only done it since i changed phones last week samsung phone waa fine
  8. Got a problem with sheffield forum i can reply to ads start a topic etc but moment i press place add it signs out i have to clear data then it logs back in untill i press place add again any help on this its annoying me this is on mobile phone pc is fine
  9. been using sky go for months then yesterday i cant get it to open i get a stupid permission box tha says allow sky go to make and manage calls why would sky go want to make calls its a streaming app do i click yes or no seems dodgy to me
  10. All sorted after long argument there's no excess and my ncb is protected aswell
  11. Won't be renewing with this company again that's for sure not even got a courtesy car until after assessment on Thursday then it depends on what assessor says
  12. My insurance are dealing with it but there rubbish at it no way am I paying excess it's 100 percent bus at fault without question
  13. Bus hit my car pretty much written off and my insurance expect me to pay £250 excess even though bus driver admits liability is this right
  14. It wasn't a vibrator it was a tartan thermos flask
  15. Just put it down to brakes and just use as is was verdict doesn't sound like a bearing noise had them go before was different noise
  16. replace what ive no idea what is causing problem and it was only £30 to have them done better than risking £160 on pads and disc to find same fault is still there
  17. brakes have been checked by a garage measured on gauge and everything to eliminate warping and scoring pads and calipers have been greased and sanded to get rid of any glazing all this worked for 30 mins then noise come back jetwashed it other day noise went for a few hours and today it rained and noise stopped garage just says use it as is but its doing my head in
  18. Yeah there fine when wet so can't see it being rust on disc
  19. Help I have a grinding noise from front brakes really bad grinding had all brakes front and rear stripped cleaned greased and sanded edges off them from a garage brakes are perfect not so old loads of meat on them but here's what's doing my head in soon as it rains or I go to jet wash they shut up for ages a good few hours do I need pads and disk even though they as new any ideas welcome
  20. https://www.androidpit.com/forum/602119/how-to-hard-reset-the-galaxy-tab-3
  21. thinking of fitting a new stereo to a focus something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-Galaxy-Direct-Fit-Stereo-GPS-Kudos-SatNav-Bluetooth-Radio-S-Max-DVD-/172005166873?hash=item280c4e8f19:g:ZtoAAOSwcdBWT0GF but my car has voice activation and i just wondered if anyone clever enough knows if that side will still work if i do change stereo its a 2009 focus with a 6000 cd stereo with bluetooth if that makes any difference cheers in advance for any input
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