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  1. I remember the cheap jugs in Empire, not flavours but colours! haha Would love to go on that old school bar crawl!
  2. Last year my now brother in law booked his stag weekend in Puerto Banus in Spain with a company called Stag Marbella, he says it was cheap and great fun. Don't think Banus is quite as exclusive as it used to be...
  3. I hate to see this on women. I do tend to see it more on girls when i fly home to sheffield though!
  4. I cant remember the last time i went to a maccy d´s or burger king. Since watching Supersize me years ago i feel sick from the smell when walking past them. The amount of chemicals in them is ridiculous.
  5. I agree! My fella isn´t English and he is a hunk. The hunk of all hunks. I cant stand typical English blokes.
  6. I thought it would last him ages! He has a really good job and has to look good while at work. Cos it cost me so much i want to get the dye out. If not i will wear it for bed to get my moneys worth!
  7. Suppose it is good advertising for the fish. " people now have posted a thread about it so its advertising Pollock/Colin to people who may have never heard of it or dont think to get it. I bet sales go up for the novilty of people asking for it. If your named Colin, i bet you wouldn´t be very pleased.
  8. I got all excited then cos i thought there might be a solution on here! My fella wears really nice shirts for work and i bought him this really nice shirt (200 quid nice) that is blue and white stripped. I put it in the wash and he put in one of his tshirts just before i put washing machine on. He put a red top in and neither of us realised and it now has red blotches on it. I have soaked it and alsorts but cant get it off. He is gutted as it was one of his most comfortable shirts and he really liked the pattern on it.
  9. If you dont mind me asking, why do you have to lose so much weight so quickly?
  10. Ew! It looks well horrid! And it can inflict permanant numbness! Eek!
  11. Exercise Exercise Exercise.....I was addicted to homemade rammens (Japanese soup and noodles with a little chicken or fish in it and veg) and without even trying i lost loads of weight, just cos they are so good for you. You can get all the stuff for them at Tesco (miso, undo noodles, soy)
  12. I think they should chop both their hands off. See who they will beat up then. Domestic Abuse played a big part in my growing up with my parents and i know how hard it is for anything to actually be done by the police. I do feel that the punishment should be alot harsher and it should be looked into alot more by the police.
  13. Las Iguanas is Latin and Mexican.
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