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  1. Good news for the 15 Libraries and very well done to the Sheffield folk who worked so hard to save them. You should be applauded.
  2. Sadly Mervyn passed away on Saturday 5th July in The Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield. Some of you may have known him as a child & young man in Oughtibridge. Later he ran the Post Office at Bents Green after leaving the RAF. He will be so very missed by his family & friends. He was only 64 & all this has been a terrible shock. I have his funeral details if anyone would like them.
  3. angelica1, hope you don't mind have PM'd you.
  4. A new venue for our Market this Saturday. Car Park at Totley Rise Methodists Church S17 4DJ. Lots of new stalls. Come & join us.
  5. Help, I need an Artisan Cheese Maker who does Farmers Markets. We had one booked for our next event but they had to cancel due to illness. Does anyone have any contact details for one please.
  6. Thanks guys. Have been invited to a "do" there.
  7. Has anyone been to The Four Seasons, Cantonese in Dinnington? Is it good & where can I find a menu on line? Thank you.
  8. This year's Christmas Market is Sunday 15th December on Totley Rise (S17 4DL), 12-4pm. Entertainment from Bella Shimmy & Easy Dance. Father Christmas, new stalls as well as old favourites. A few spaces left so PM me if you would like to have a stall. Come along & join us, have something scrummy to eat & pick up that last minute Christmas present.
  9. The witness is positive it was SSG & we passed that info to the PC who was dealing with the incident. When he contacted Sunwin they denied all knowledge. Ah well. Thanks to everyone for their advice.
  10. There is an Open Meeting at Totley Rise Methodist Church on Monday 7th October at 7.30pm to discuss its possible closure. All very welcome. Thank you
  11. Oh Dear, that never would have happened when I was there. Has everything gone downhill? It was 40+ years ago lol.
  12. This Sunday, 18th August, 12-4pm. Entertainment from Bella Shimmy at 2pm. Crafts, Food, New Stalls. Come & join in.
  13. We still have a few spaces available for our Summer Market , Sunday 18th August 12-4pm. We are always looking for new stalls. Please get in touch if you would like to join us. PM me or email totleychair@gmail.com
  14. What's happening at The White Swan in Greenhill Village, called up today to drop some flyers, all closed up & curtains drawn. Guy in the street told me it had been closed for a fortnight. Apologies if there is another thread on here, couldn't find one. Thanks
  15. That's great Haggis12. It's on the way. Speak soon. ---------- Post added 26-06-2013 at 13:53 ---------- Button- Box, Did you get my reply to your post, beyond my control, but it was tagged on to the end of a reply to Haggis 12 , so you might have missed it. Apologies.
  16. Hi Haggis12, Thank you for replying, we have had similar stalls to yours before, but have none booked in at the moment for August. Pitches are Max. 3mx3m, you provide your own table equipment & gazebo/awning. You must have Public Liability Insurance. I would need an email address from you to send the Booking Form which has all details on it. Looking forward to hearing from you. ---------- Post added 23-06-2013 at 17:55 ---------- Hi Button-box, Thank you for your reply, can you tell me what you make/sell please?
  17. The next Farmers' Market/Summer Fair will be held on Sunday 18th August from 12noon-4pm on Totley Rise. S17 4DL. We are always looking for new & interesting stalls. PM me if you would like more information.
  18. Interestingly when you search Sheffield Glass & Glazing it comes back "account suspended". Just to let everyone know we have had a phone call from a PC telling us he has been allocated the incident & is investigating. We are very impressed.
  19. My witness is now saying SGG & not SSG. The Police have been very supportive & the description has been circulated. Still hoping. Thank you everyone. Will keep you posted.
  20. Nether Edge Market Sunday 24th March. 12-4pm. About 80 stalls.
  21. Sadly my witness says this is not the logo. It was not in a dark colour but gold or similar metallic paint. He only saw the rear of the white van & the lettering was approx 12" high. So back to the drawing board. Thank you to all who offered help.
  22. Have followed your link gym rat & printed off the logo, just sent it by email to the main witness. Sitting here with everything crossed (not a good look). Will report back when I have an answer. Hope it will be a thousand thanks to you.
  23. Thanks for your advice Gleadly. We have done all of your suggestions & also went to Snig Hill to make the formal notification.
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