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  1. Thanks everyone. I think I will take the train then. You've really helped me a lot! Thanks again.
  2. Very very very interested!!!! That sounds so good. Me and my partner will come over from Germany at the end of September and I will start working at Brinsworth Comprehensive on 1st October. I am quite desperate at the moment as it seems unpossible to find a place to stay from over here. I would be more than thankful to hear from you. best regards, sarah
  3. Could anyone tell me if it is possible to get from Manchester to Sheffield by bus after 8 pm on weekdays? Thanks
  4. hi tony, if zed isn't interested, I am...!!!! I am searching for two rooms for me and my partner as we will move to shefffield at the end of september. I will start working at Rotherham Comprehensive in October. We are really nice people- the only problem: Germans... I am looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah
  5. Hi, I will start working in Rotherham from october and have heard horrible stories about it. Is it really that bad? Is it difficult to find accomodation? Sarah
  6. Hi, now that I have got the information that I will work in Rotherham from october 1st, I was wondering if any one could tell me which area would be best to live in. Does anybody know what Rotherham is like? I'd prefer to live in Sheffield anyway. If only I could find an accomodation. I desperarely need a room or two for me and my boyfriend for 3 month from october. As I am a student from Germany I find it quite hard to find a place to stay via internet. I would be very happy to get some information! Thanks a lot, Sarah
  7. Hi there, my name is Sarah, 22, I'm a student of English from Germany. I'm looking forward to moving to sheffield in october and working there as an assistant teacher. The only thing that worries me is that I don't know where to stay yet. Is it difficult to find a place to stay? A small room is what I'm looking for. For information on how to find something I would be more than thankful. I'm looking forward to hearing from you
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