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  1. The main point of using a rocket feeder is to cast long distances accurately (50metres plus). If that's not needed just use a cage,or open end feeder if using groundbait or a bkock end if using maggots. To keep your rig very simple. Put a quick change swivel on your mainline then tie a plastic quick change bead onto the end of your mainline. Get some pre tied hooks to nylon 12...20 inches long and simple hook the loop on the end into your bead. Now just decide what feeder you want and clip it into your swivel. Done. An 11 or 12 ft feeder is fine for the job.
  2. Been looking at some used iPad airs,l would prefer one with 4g. Is there any problems if they have been opened to any network? Cheers
  3. Thanks for advice. My main reason for giving the iPad a go is the lack of a decent android competitor or at least one l can see.Quite fancied the air1 as some good deals if you hunt round.
  4. Having used android on my phone and tablet for years l was thinking of giving the iPad a go for my tablet needs. Being just an average Joe when it comes to anything techy would l be able to pick up the Apple operating system pretty quickly? Also is there any problem moving my gmail accounts over etc. So long as l can browse,fb and YouTube I'm happy.Also which model represents best value at the moment. Thanks.
  5. Correct nothing on the PC at all yet Love. I'll look into the options that you mentioned. I've got word on the PC but a trial version which has expired and didn't really want to buy the full version. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi I need to upload my CV onto online job application forms. Could someone explain how l go about this please. Starting from how l should get the CV on the PC in the first place.I'm a total non techi so simplistic is the word. Many thanks
  7. Thanks Mr Hinks just gave Billy C a ring and they confirmed they do the books for the cadman/lock stretch .l usually head towards plumpers so still free fishing for now.
  8. Can anyone clarify who now controls which stretch of the canal and how much for the book? Can't find out exactly what's happening as different stories flying about.Cheers.
  9. The proper stuffs got a thin wire running down the centre abit like a pipe cleaner but smaller.
  10. I only want a bit for the reel denlin not reupholstering the three piece lol. lve tried the stall at peaks.. no joy just annoying that you cant get the correct stuff from the dealers. Its like buying a Jag and not getting a tyre to fit.
  11. I wonder if any of you anglers out there might know of anywhere that l can get some chenille or something that does the job to fit the spool on 120/125 closed faced reels. Cant find owt anywhere. Thanks.
  12. Sad to hear about the passing of Edgar Froese the founder of Tangerine Dream, worn many a stylus out playing their records over the years.
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