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  1. done that before as well, but found pushing the trolley back up a wobbly tesco carpark and stupid speeding drivers a nightmare. LONG LIVE DELIVERY!
  2. Right i want to ask ALL forumers not just the parenting section...what to do if a toddler has a tantrum in public? Ive seen people smack bums and also completely ignore the tantrum, both actions or indeed any action by the parent is frowned upon by someone-so what is one supposed to do-how does MR PUBLIC want a parent to react Im just curious... Personally i find myself apologising to people (Why?)and continuing to talk calmly to mine while going about my business If i see another child doing it, i generally just feel pity for the parent(and want to give her a hug!)
  3. i complained to mr council and he put some reminder signs up on lamp posts and sprayed some on path-made no difference, he said i would have to see where they lived and he would issue them with a warning and then a fine if they repeated....like ive got time to sit waiting about? just annoys me when dogs do it outside my house on grass bit or in park where boy is supposed to be able to safely play grrrrrr
  4. I have this same prob at TESCO why can tpeople see its for parent with pram aged children or do you want ur car banging while im in small space trying to struggle with toddler and bambino in carseat? i have to say i always complain to CS or that lady with long dark hair with handheld computer thingy. Cant some people remember how difficult the first few yrs are with kids? Have to admit i did use the spaces when pregnant as i was super big and couldnt get out of car otherwise hehe!
  5. and those that let their dogs do it on WPV. looking the other way while the dog does it so u dont have to pick up, Im sick of it, maybe i should scoop it up and put it outside ur house?
  6. its absolutely disgusting how people think its ok to let their dogs pooh on people's graves not matter how old the graves is, its wrong. They are pets and treated as one of naily in most homes, so would you let ur child pooh outside. yes dogs have to pooh, but the nice thing is to CLEAN IT UP, you can get free POOH bags from the council if u have little money. We have this at our church dogd that POOH in the graveyard its disgusting, and dont talk to me about squirrels doing it, squirrels arent trained pets and dont eat food full of chemicals, they eat natural. grr... rant over(can you tell ive stepped in POOH b4?)
  7. oh just thought if hes that age hell like all that funny beer/ale so what about FAT CAT and all those pubs round there? shalesmoor, just off tram route
  8. they are keeping food and PO and closing the rest, not sure whats happening to the students flats on top of co-op. the one at crystal peaks retail pk is also closing and all stuff moving to hills, which is also eventually closing apart from PO and food
  9. i know everyone keeps says how lovely it will be when theyre older and can play together but now is so hard. Theyve now both got coughs and colds AGAIN and after that will prob be teeth again...will it ever end? im thinking of getting a cleaner but dont know how they could clean as its so untidy! Gees and i was consdiering going back to work part time for my sanity! I think its true what people say, all you feel after having children is guilt. Guilty BIG goes to nursery, guilty i dont do home baking, or much cooking, house is tip, OH stressed out covering two wages, guilty if one wakes the other, guilty when BIG launches himself at SMALL and i shout in shock, guilty BIG cant play outside as cant afford railings yet, guilty bedtimes are so hectic, guilty i dont work but guilty i give time to volunteer(how does that work out?), guilty for aching for night out but dont bother as broken sleep even worse with few glasses of vino! guilty i feel guilty when i shouldnt as ive been blessed with babies! Apart from that, theyre brill:D
  10. we moved our boy a few months before he was 2 into a big bed and new room, but only because i was preg and didnt want him to feel kicked out! the bed side didnt fit so we just used pillows, hes fallen a few times luckily its carpet and he bounced! hehe!
  11. Not been on here for ages- my baby is 7m and still not sleeping thru, my toddler is a pain in the bum-think im going mad i tell u! mad! Anyone else like this? Any advice?
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