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  1. go to scottishpower and get £101 cashback through quidco...
  2. They probably work for companies like microsoft....easy money selling copies of something they have helped make... Its just the same when people chip games consoles,companies like microsoft sell millions more consoles because they are chippable..
  3. and you have not noticed those in Sheffield
  4. It happens because its england..... Australia would have sunk their boat if they tried to enter!!
  5. i have been known to walk around the supermarket eating a bag of crisps in the past or drinking a can of pop.....who cares my payment for having to queue so long with my shopping
  6. we have stayed there before... ephesus princess in a nice hotel if u are still looking.... hotel opus is also very nice... dont buy anything when the cruise ships are in the harbour as the prices of stuff goes up in the shops.. we have been to turkey 11 times and never came back poorly so i wouldnt be too bothered about the other post...
  7. I meant things like house rentals....ive just got a brand new house for £495pcm...better than my current £600pcm in sheffield....way better house too...
  8. just happened to kill himself while the cameras were not allowed to film
  9. i am sure somebody will shoot him soon...payback for the policeman shot... thats probably why they wont let the news teams film him.. American news would show everything!!
  10. the press are gonna be removed so they can shoot him i guess...hmmm strange how they dont want the press to film anything..
  11. use dvdshrink....its a free program,then burn to single layer dvdr
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