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  1. I never had a clue about this. Where is this additive located? I should really check the levels
  2. Which raises the question of the DPF filter. If those gasses aren't being fed back into the engine, won't they clog up the DPF quicker? I'm always careful to use a DPF additive every 3k and Redex every tank anyway but that's because i'm paranoid because a DPF is bloody expensive! You are right about diesels being under tuned. I'll get roughly a third extra torque just from a stage 1 remap and a few mpg in fuel efficiency. It's win-win if you ask me
  3. Which is why i am asking for recommendations. I have found somewhere that specialises in HDI's but it's no where near local. Right now i am thinking that fitting a blanking plate is the best bet and get the stage 1 remap done.
  4. And what about the pipes coming off the unit? I've seen a video where the guy just blocked them up, but he didn't go in to any details about if it is safe to do so and if it messes with the cars management system.
  5. I thought that if i fitted a blanking plate, i'd need the EGR deleted as well? What's the point of the EGR valve being there if there's a blanking plate in place? Thanks for the replies guys
  6. I'm looking for a remap and EGR delete on a Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI. Does anyone know anywhere local that is really good? I've heard that the HDI is slightly different to other turbo diesel units so needs someone in the know to do a good job of it. Thanks
  7. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/sheffield-united-v-sheffield-wednesday-is-bigger-and-better-than-everything-else-blades-boss-wilder-can-t-wait-for-steel-city-showdown-1-8769696 Sums up why we won today. Carlos simply doesn't get it.
  8. I've got a gas cooker i need rid of. My street is pretty quiet and i've never seen a scrap man on here so don't really want to have it on the front for ages.
  9. I went to the Polish guys on Ouse Rd 3 weeks ago. x3 tyres for £25. They were supposed to be part worn but they managed to find me x3 brand new ones. Happy is an understatement
  10. I'm not posting it for sale here. I seriously doubt anyone on a forum would be interested anyway. However. I have a APC Smart UPS 3000 and i need to get rid of it. Ebay would be the obvious choice but i don't have the time to mess around with packaging this thing off. Does anyone know of a dealer that might be interested?
  11. Just back from bonnie wee Scotland. Have to say, i'm loving the D3300 so far. I was already starting to think a 50mm could be the wrong choice. Now the 70-300 one has been thrown into the mix i'm starting to think a 35mm prime and the 70-300 might be the way to go. A quick google has the tele lens at £199 so can hopefully get one in a few weeks. Really appreciate the info peeps
  12. Thanks. Nothing there for me right now but i'll keep checking. I think i'll be trying the 50mm f/1.8 prime first. At just over £100 it'd be rude not to. But firstly i have a week in Scotland. It's a pity i'll only have the kit lens but i'll mostly be learning about this little beast anyway.
  13. Not sure of the best place to buy that from. There's plenty of cheap ones on ebay but those don't have AF. I also want a 70-200 as i think this will be my main usage. Any ideas of a good one? Preferably not at £800
  14. I am now the owner of a shiny Nikon D3300. Thanks for the replies peeps
  15. Thanks for the reply. I don't suppose you know what the D3300 is like? From what i can gather it is better than anything else in this bracket right now
  16. Thanks for the reply. I can pick up a D90 around the £200 Mark off eBay but I'm kinda thinking along the lines of new might be better. What does the D90 offer that the new ones don't? It's been a few years since I did any photography so my knowledge is sketchy. The Nikon D3300 seems to be pretty good at this price range.
  17. I'm looking to spend approx £300 on a DSLR. I'm not sure of the differences between the canon 100D/1000D and the Nikons in this price range so any advice would be welcome. I'm also considering the pentax K50 but this would be slightly out of my budget really. Are there any options i'm missing? (not a fan of Sony). Thanks for the help
  18. UPDATE:... Engineer came out for the whole of 5 minutes. He knew his stuff and quickly realised i have a line fault. He even found the battery contact that i have been saying is there for the last 4 months, yet AOL refused to acknowledge. It has now been passed on to Openreach to sort out this week
  19. I have an engineer coming out on Thursday. The only problem is he isn't an engineer at all. He can only sort issues with hardware (which i have already ruled out myself). In which case it becomes a line fault (like i've been telling them since December), and it will need to be escalated (passed on to openreach no doubt). All this is exactly what i told them in December and they did nothing. The moment it's fixed i am jumping ship. Would i be right in thinking a router is either working or it's not working? The guy tried tying me down to a new contract by saying he'd send me a new router because my 12 year old one was degrading... Very dodgy if you ask me.
  20. AOL (Talk Talk). They aren't much use i'm afraid. I had to explain to tech support that they actually have their own website to see my speed tests. I'm really computer literate. It's been plugged directly into the test socket for about a year now since i figured out it runs a tad quicker that way. I've swapped out both filters several times and also changed the cables for brand new ones. I didn't realise this ruled out all of the internal wiring. Nice to know! I am now thinking is is external. It was still borked all morning then mid afternoon it shot back up to it's normal speed until about 2 hours ago when it broke again. I've contacted Sky and they seem to think they can't get any more speed out of my line but i'm still thinking about switching just for the fact my bill has doubled for absolutely no reason. Thanks for the replies folks. Much appreciated
  21. 2 days ago my connection dropped from 6mbps (i'm in s2), to 0.54mbps. It has been fluctuating slightly since but it's very rarely over 1mbps. I've contacted my isp and they say the line is fine (i don't believe this for one second. I've has issues for months now). They are willing to send an engineer out but it's going to cost me nearly £100 if he finds a problem my end. I have replaced all the cables but i am wondering if there is a way i can check my adsl filter. I only have the two of them and swapping them out does nothing.
  22. Nothing there. The 669ms shot up over 4 pings. No idea why. Wow's servers cannot be pinged from what i can tell. ---------- Post added 01-12-2014 at 17:31 ---------- Does this make sense to anyone?
  23. I am yeah. Not played for a while now but still watch Circon and Quickybaby. This wouldn't be an issue if it were WoT. I'd just get a lag spike or whatever. WoW's servers are very picky with stuff like this and the slightest interruption will kick you off. I'm running an extended ping test right now but having to use Cyclone's ip addy above. Every one i try for WoW just times out.
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