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  1. Thanks for your replies, and particular thanks to Pete, my daughter now has the book and starts using it today.
  2. My daughter has just started studying Italian at school and today tells me she needs the textbook called Ci Siamo for Tuesday. Does anyone know where I could get one. Online is no good as it won't arrive in time and WH Smith are out of stock. Used would do, any ideas anyone please?
  3. Does anyone know of any (Western style if possible?) riding centres in the local (ish) area? A few friends, some of whom have never ridden before, fancy having an hour's trekking one evening after work whilst the nights are still long, but I am struggling to find much online. Derbyshire would be nice but really we're open to ideas. An idea of the price would also be good. Thanks.
  4. I recently went to the Hallamshire walk in centre for treatment with something I thought was not an emergency and was transferred to the NGH A & E. It was a Wednesday evening about 8pm and after going through triage I was put onto some sort of holding ward as there were no beds in the surgical assessment ward where they wanted to send me. Every single member of staff that I encountered during my 4 nights in hospital were fantastic, however I found it quite astounding that there were actually more police officers in the holding ward than actual doctors! There was a man screaming for his mummy, over and over again - most probably due to either alcohol or drug abuse I have no idea which, but how the staff remained calm when dealing with him (for 2 hours non stop) I have no idea. Had it not been for the large police presence I might have been tempted to give him something to scream about and I am not normally a violent person!! I agree with whiteowl, hats off to the A & E staff, you are doing a fantastic job and when I needed treatment I received it, albeit after a few hours wait, but you all did a great job!! Thanks.
  5. Try Euro Car Parts on Penistone Road - much cheaper than Halfords or Bickertons.
  6. My daughter has joined the army cadets and although they provide the uniform they don't provide boots. Can anyone tell me where is the best place to get boots in a size 6 for a girl? Or I don't suppose anyone has a pair sitting in a cupboard that have been outgrown?? Thanks, Karen
  7. I've just been to SMC and they have these helmets in stock which are selling for £54.95. I hope that helps you. Might be better to advertise on Sheffieldbikers.co.uk rather than on here.
  8. I too was a loyal customer of o2 for years and tried haggling with them on an upgrade, with absolutely no joy. I moved to Orange and they are so much better, willing to haggle on upgrades, offer better deals and their customer service is far, far better. I have no idea what Three are like but I'm sticking with Orange, especially now they have linked to T-mobile and I can get the T-mobile signal if the Orange one isn't good.
  9. Thanks Hot Phil for removing that post. I cannot believe someone actually said that to me! Totally inappropriate I thought, obviously you did too!
  10. We went in on Saturday and bought 2 pairs ( one each for me and hubby) as we will be using them under our bike kit through the winter. There are loads of different ones but we got the cheapest ones as they seem fine, but there are also really good quality one that can stand lower temperatures for about £15 They did have absolutely shelves full on Saturday, but after this latest cold spell who knows... Panic buying of long johns? Now there could be a new thread on SF....lol
  11. We did that, and the lid was ripped off the blue bin - presumably by kids for sledging. Happened to about 10 other bins on our street too, so just be aware it may happen. I did post this on the discussions board to ask if anyone else has had the same problem in other areas but someone said I deserved to get burgled as I was so stupid as to leave the blue bin out. A bit harse I thought...
  12. Decathlon, got some of their "value" type ones for £5.99 and they are really good. Prob better quality than Primani (as my daughter calls it..lol)
  13. Enforced snow day, not by choice - work was closed as not enough people could get there to enable the place to open. Why do people have to be so nit picky on here???
  14. We'd left our blue bin out on Monday night ready for our Tuesday collection, then with the snow it just got left there (as did everyone elses on our street - a cul de sac). Off out for a quick drink last night the bin was on the floor (snow) and the lid missing. Then walking down the street we noticed about another 10 blue bins also missing their lids. Will we have to pay for a new one?
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