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  1. Hi all my power windows dont work and av no interior lights av checked the small fuses they seem fine dose anybone no were the relays are located think i need to check FR37 30 AMP just dont no were its located any help would be very appreciated ty john
  2. Hi av a honda 2001 and far some reason the drivers side door will not open not with key seems to be stuck any idears any one Ty far looking at the post am just fed up of climbing in passengers side door a bit off a pain Ty
  3. Hi any one no if this school is opened due to snow thxs
  4. Thxs far the info speleo will book in to a garage get it looked at cheers
  5. Second gear goes in fine when off is wen you are driving it goes in but makes a noice
  6. Is it a big job to change gearbox and exspenceive
  7. Was told ad new clutch in3 months ago clutch feels fine was ok when I try to go in second makes a grating noice
  8. 7000 miles a few weeks all gears are fine apart from second just makes a horrble noise
  9. Hi av a rover 1-4 wen driving second gear wont go in to gear all other gears are ok do I need a new gearbox or a new clutch any advise would be grateful many thxs as I am not that clued up on cars
  10. Yea good luck lads we need the sites open 7 days a week we pay far this service cut backs yea i no to cut this service is so stupid and now we av no greenwaste bins and fortnightly bins collections fly tipping is gunna escalate in sheffield well done scc this needs sorting out ?
  11. Hour and ten mins ad to wait to get on to blackstock a joke allways go there as there is no steps to climb busiest site in sheffield and they only open 4 days a week cut backs is a joke then asked one of lads who work there what time you open tomm he said we are closed sat and sunday due to strikes and we want all the sites to open 7 days a week and i thought yea totally behind them
  12. Yea is jailbroke is about 18 months old just went to turn it on and the logo appears saying connect to I tunes av done this and restored it but still only shows the logo hope this helps
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