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  1. How can i get a referral if i am not currently registered with a dentist.
  2. Can you just go in and wait to see someone or do you have to wait for an appointment? I have jaw pain and neck pain and would like a check up as i'm not currently registered with a dentist.
  3. I had surgery in my mouth 11 years ago due to have a cyst in my jaw. I was wondering even though it was 11 years ago is there any chance that my jaw could just fracture or break? I've been having some pain around that area tonight and i am worried about it.
  4. Not much just said if i feel the same in 3-4 days then i would have to have the blood tests repeated to see if they have gone up or down and take it from there but obviously he gave no explanation which is very frustrating i don't know how to take the results really, I guess the ESR level isn't really high but high enough to show up in a blood test.
  5. I recently had some blood test results back and my ESR levels were a bit high and i was told by the doctor that it's down to Inflammation somewhere in the body. I am worried about Endocarditis now as i know that is inflammation of the heart and i know it can cause heart failure and multiple organ failure, I saw a doctor today who listened to my chest and heart and examined my back. I am also worried because high ESR levels can be due to cancer as well. Should i be worried?
  6. As i said my oral health isn't too great because of op's i have had and other things, I have a few things that need sorting out at the dentist and i shall be getting them sorted out a.s.a.p. I know that bad oral health can cause heart disease, pneumonia, strokes, heart attacks etc, I'm a bit concerned as i'm not sure if how i am feeling is down to a virus or down to my teeth or bacteria or what, I'm only 30, I just hope my teeth problems can be sorted once and for all and i hope it isn't already too late and hope i haven't got endocarditis or heart disease or anything like that, I don't smoke and very rarely drink.
  7. No, I don't take Ibuprofen or anything because of my Asthma i only take Paracetamols and I have only been taking them for 3 or 4 days, My stomach problems started before this time along with the nausea.
  8. My throat isn't that sore, My voice is ok and i can swallow liquids without any problem and i can eat ok despite my bad appetite. I have rang NHS Direct today about my symptoms and seen a GP today, The GP fobbed me off a bit but at least my pulse and temperature were checked and they performed some blood tests.
  9. Well i took Penicillin last Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, I went away at the weekend and left my pills behind so I had to miss them until Monday and I took them Monday and Tuesday and a few on Wednesday before a GP at the walk-in centre advised me to stop taking them incase they were the reason for my nausea and upset stomachs so i didn't have a full course, My tonsils are still quite red and a little swollen but there doesn't seem to be any pus around anymore, Besides there's two types of Tonsillitis bacterial and viral and viral cannot be treated anyway but i must have had bacterial tonsillitis hence being given Penicillin.
  10. Oh and i forgot to mention the other reason why i thought i had Septicaemia, Because about 9 days ago i went to the doctors and got diagnosed with Tonsillitis so i took Pencillin for a week. I had a lot of pus in my throat last week and i know in some cases abeit rare that tonsillitis or pus can get into the bloodstream but as it was last week i'm sure it doesn't take more than a few hours or a day or two to get into the bloodstream and after 9 days i'm sure i wouldn't still be here if i had Septicaemia.
  11. To be honest Endocarditis crossed my mind anyway but i wasn't really thinking about it, I do have toothache at the moment, Had it for 4-5 days so don't know if i have an infection but it's still unlikely to have caused Endocarditis isn't it?!
  12. Joanne5600 has got me worried about Endocarditis now I have had oral problems for a long time because of cysts i have had removed in my jaw and having excellent oral hygiene is quite difficult for me as my teeth got moved a lot and they now aren't straight at all due to a couple of op's in the past. I would worry though about bacteria getting into my bloodstream and going to the lining of the heart and causing heart failure. From what I have read about Endocarditis you can develop it from bacteria in your mouth but usually you have to have existing heart valve problems or heart disease and i don't have any of them to my knowledge and i am 30 years old and the only health condition i have is Asthma. From now on i think i'll take more antibacterial mouthwash to try and prevent any future problems providing i don't have anything like Endocarditis right now.
  13. Hope i haven't got anything like Endocarditis.
  14. I think what is worrying me is the fact that i feel like i am going to throw up, I feel like this all the time and last day or so it has been bad. Also the last day or so i have been getting shivering and chills. I also feel very lethargic and generally unwell, My stomach is quite uncomfortable and my appetite has been very bad lately and i do sometimes feel like i am forcing myself to eat. I went to a walk-in centre today not too long ago, I wasn't checked over much, My temperature and pulse was taken and that was it really. They did do some blood tests but i have to wait 5-6 days for the results to come back.
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