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  1. I almost posted the Owls chairmans rally call on the pitch begging for 16,000 gates to save the club, falling on deaf ears. But then thought how sad of me to be posting videos of the team in S6, i thought how sad and obsessed it would make me look posting on my rivals. Then again the title of OBSESSED OWLS, still cant stop em, posting,thinking of their betters!! Different gravy. DELUDED OBSESSED OWLS V HONOURABLE BLADES :hihi: (sorry but could not help my self to lob it up ! eh Corker?)
  2. Hats off and respect to Crawley, for their help.
  3. Is it a match ball ?, or a replica £5 shop ball? the number of signatures and famous signatures all adds up. Sadly no matter who the club, if its low on signatures, no famous names a low profile match and not a used match ball . Its of no value. But good luck with the fund raising.
  4. web1, with due respect, i hope we swop places, i dont want to go to S6 ever again, and i wont miss the derby games, of course i believe we(Blades) are going up. but the two teams banter is twice as keen(evil) when we are in own divisions.IMHO. Just my view and no dig intended, Honest. But next week. i will have radio Sheffield on , and will being cheering on the Tykes(big time). a real 6 pointers which could be critical for the Owls confidence if the result goes against them.
  6. Never got around to buying one am more of a jeans and fleece, casual guy:|
  7. 1000 brentford supporters were taking advantage of the club offering free travel.
  8. GAME OFF ON POLICE ADVICE. United clearly made every effort to get this game on, the pitch playable, but surrounding area, and traveling issues have forced the match to be called off.
  9. A proper kit, black dubin boots, and proper haircuts No logos, advirts, purple boots or gloves.
  10. Once its been settled create a thread on the best mutual date, i am away down Ascot on the mentioned weekend (5TH APRIL), but hopefully the social event will be one of many. One in the close season may be an idea , a Saturday afternoon out in the Sun. The Sheaf Island has been mentioned as a meeting venue, its big, friendly and has good ale with cheap food. An ideal choice i would have thought.
  11. Oh you may be suprised what can happen when T.V. revenue is at risk:|.
  12. well done, but i saw no shoe waving either there again you were paying more attention than me.
  13. How many shoes have you seen thrown in the car park Frankie? The truth now:|
  14. No, Frankie now likes the Copthorne. ah are suggesting he is discussing his marked hallowed spot in the Blades car park ....DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  15. Always enjoy my stay in the Copthorne too , whats changed your mind Frankie have you not called it tacky before?
  16. "private message" being the mix in that gravy.
  17. Rather the Copthorne than Gings knee , eh?:hihi:
  18. It would not concern me if i never saw Wembley again feel the same about that rust bucket in S6 too. However if me must we must. One thing for certain, United never take the easy route, may be this is the time:)
  19. lol, five a side football forum matches, a social down the pub have been suggested in the past:) I have meet up with around 6 Blades off here and 2 Owls, all have been stress free and enjoyable. Frankie seems to know the Crown, just a suggestion, then again the Railway may be closer to his alledge viewing point in our car park may i suggest another Blades pub for a suggested forum get together ..Legends
  20. Frankie, the mail is nearly 2 year old, you asked for a truce in public on here, as its now back in public domain, and your bragging boasting or baiting for closure for a ban for someone, why not publish it!! you like your history. I always though discussing PMs , BB and Alex got life bans for that:| As i remember some were not as relaxed to take it to PM, and offered to meet YOU , openly on the forum, again serving a life time ban, Billy B for example, aka Soldier Bill. Dont know about you, but i have grown up , and live for today:) we still are not going to be mates. but if you want to meet for a debate, PM me, i promise not to go public and I WILL act in an honourable manner as suggested in a title..PERSONAL MESSAGE. different gravy.
  21. Murphys hamstring saw him brought off on Saturday, and must be at least doubtful for this week, or are we gambling and risking further injury with him? Yes one hopes we have someone coming in.
  22. Its on the forum, told you cant be bothered to dig. the regulars will know on what we are discussing.
  23. proof of untruths... as in your statements as proven on Derby day, where you were alledged to be in 3 places at once. I cant be bothered to dig up the posts. proof of your stalking activitys in the Lane car park on the day of Wilsons appointment, or may be that was untrue as well. proof of your hit and run postings and baiting, of course need no digging out. ....as FOR MY CAPITAL LETTERS, i do not conform to the ruling capitals mean SHOUTING. I use capitals alot, on my sites, i feel it looks tidy. Funny what upsets some, they can abuse, name call and swear, yet when capitals or a certain clean applicable word is used, its brought up funny that .
  24. Cressy to has gone on loan to York City for a month, as we are short on cover up front, Diego out, Murphy injured on Saturday and we are struggling for a scorer. Is this wise?? A 100% grafter is what we need right now, even as a squad player, maybe Danny has a repacement lined up. Hope he is not putting his faith in Porter.
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