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  1. Silly little lame excuses blaming us for being bitter, United fan's would have said the same, at the end of the day 1500 when your challenging for 2nd is the league is **** pot poor my friend.


    My friend, we are not just challenging, for at least a few hours we are second place. A place for the owls is just a ****pot dream.

  2. Bitter owls , picking on utd away gates, when their home gates are nowt to shout about. The figures do not lie, united are now a better supported club, a more forward looking club, a richer club, and soon to be a premiership club.


    bye bye championship. bye bye owls.


    Both Wolves and Readings home support was down today, the holidays, live T.v, and silly kick off times effected the figures. Away support would also be effected for the same reasons.

  3. I applied to buy my council flat in december, i get the valuation on monday, and then its a matter of finance, i have a mate prepared to lend me the cash at a favourable rate.

    I have a £24,000 discount due on the valuation. MY provable income is limited , but earn double that.

    How favourable are the banks likly to be, on offering a morgage if i asked and left about £17000 of my risk in the pot?.

    THE overall expected valuation is expected £65,000-70,0000

  4. A good night out, we all have different tastes, but for a cheap pub with real ales . clean friendly. with no music fruit machines just atmosphere try the Sheaf view at heeley. a pint of real ale from £1.80, loads of eurp beers, 8 real ales.

  5. LEE HENDRIE. the cash grabing , flash git , been at the club 3 years, took the ££££s went on loan to leicester city, stated he would not put on the red and white shirt again, other loans to Blackpool etc, then comes back with a few months left on his contract wanting to apologise and loves the club again!!

    You may have a bentley and a jag, but Hendrie the fans have paid for them. You owe us big time. What a waste of tallent what a waste of money, Hendrie we hate you.

  6. The Owls are in a position very much as Rotherham were a few years ago, skint with a fed up fan base, a new chairman Denis Coleman took over, he really made an effort but without the funds to influence the club it was doomed.

    The Owls chairman has stated he has not got the funds and awaits a new owner.The March "deadline" is almost over, Dave Allen has stated it will not happen.

    So whats the future plans ? to con the loyal 15000 into buying their season tickets before announcing another failed takeover bid.

    Brian Laws is producing a great mid table team, will he stay ?



    The "new" set up seems to have been made up of minimum efforts, a droped court case against a fan, the welcome back of the "band" and a reduction in match day prices.


    The ground is still in need of major upgrade, the debts are massive and a new owner is still needed after a 3 year search!!


    Changing times ? not in my view.

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